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Filipino FriendFinder Success Stories

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Fiona29 said
Both of us registered the same year 2004, but we met last March 29, 2013.I was too hesitant to reply to his first email, but since he sounds friendly, I give it a try. At this time, we are BEST OF FRIENDS. For we have not met in person. We frequenly chat, exchange emails he or I sometimes call and texts. I value our friendship, ADL, YOU MAKE ME FEEL SPECIAL even were not inlove. We agreed we like each other and I am optimistic this would develop into something FRUITFUL/// " BABY NOW THAT I FOUND YOU....HAHAH until now aqm wondering why did u ask me to sing this on phone? Thank you FFF,
lady05 said
I wanna thank FILIPINO FRIEND FINDER...through this site..i found the most wonderful and loving man i looked YOU SO MUCH..AND MORE POWER those who are still searches..keep faith and believing that you can find also what is your desire..goodluck to all of you!!!
addicted62 said
Thank you Everally you have changed my life, opened my eyes and given me new hope, now we plan our first meet and our future together looks very good as the qualites you have shown are so unique. I look forward to sharing my life with you and making all of your wishes come true. We all know true love when we find it and my heart knows i have found it in you.Thank you Pilipino Friend Finder this site does work and i am very gratefull to it as i now have true love in my life, so i leave now and close my account and show true committment to the lady i love, want and need. Cheers from Addicted62
238274 said
Hello everybody we are gleen & matt! We would like to thank FilipinoFriendFinder coz we found each other here in this site. We are now happily married. Thanks Filipino Friend Finder.
cc0127cc said
TeeJay2009 said
Hello, we are Terry and Jim. We joined Filipino Friend Finder sometime about July of 2007. We were both looking for friends and we found each other through this site. As time went by we became close and eventually the friendship blossomed into love. We chatted almost daily via email, e-cards and webcam as we grew closer and got to know each better. Our likes and dislikes, our wants and desires seem to mirror one another's. We shared the same silly sense of humor and appreciation for the simple things that life has to offer, we even shared the same personal and political beliefs and found that though we had grown up thousands of miles apart, we are very much alike in almost every way. When at last we met one another, it was as though we had known each other all our lives and we immediately clicked and our love for one another only grew deeper and stronger. We are now married and living a very happy, peaceful and contented life with each other in Tennessee. We plan to move to the Philippines in two years time, though. We are very appreciative to your wonderful site because you gave us each other.

Jim and Terry.
BigBabyBoy said
I found the love of my life on Filipino Friend Finder. She is everything I cold ever eant in a woman. Thank you Filipino Friend Finder for bringing us together. One Love !!! If I could I'd post a Photo of us together but unfortunatly I can't find a place to do that.
love1432008 said
My bestfriend can see me in my daily routine in my life and she feels bored about it, so she introduce this site to me.She want me to become happy and find my soulmate.Then until oneday i found myself that i enjoy it.As I look at myself now, I started to ricieve mails and got many friends.I'm chatting with them if i have free time not expecting for a relationship online.I could hardly but i feel that I'm so much in love I don't know is this feeling is right?sometimes im always thinking.but i've felt like known him for a years, still thinking if his the right man for me?but I gave this strange so unconditionally and im hoping for this relationship to last.I don't know until when?Or there will be a time for us?For now i'm so happy too for having him in my life. and hope to see each other face to face soon. And for the boys out there I'm not looking anymore, As i'm happy now.I would like to be one man women as i am always.My heart is exclusive for KENNETH only even its a long distance relationship, I hope that it works.I dont want to hurt his feeling and if GOD'S permit that are really the one of each other, I'll promise to be this way with him forever....GOOD LUCK AND MORE POWER TO FFF....GOD BLESS US!!!!!
laidbackandpetit said
We want to Thank you FFF for our success story, I met my husband here 2004, Were both lucky when we met a couple days ago after we both sign in. April 10, 2004 i send him a wink, at first he was hesitate to respond on my profile when he found out my location is in Manila, he's about to delete me but his mind says try it, its not gonna hurt you anyways.So He did, from then we chat everyday, exchange emails and call or text if we're both busy.April 19th 2005, He flown to Philippines to see me and my family and friends, Chemistry click right away when we met in person, it just like we really knew each other, no hang ups, no doubts, Feelings was so real and good. April 24th he proposed marriage in bended knees, so romantic everyday, though its only 1 wk he stay with me in Manila.A year later, Our Fiance visa was approved. July 7th, we arrived in US, got married in justice of peace at July 20, 2006 and 2 years after, we got married again in church this APRIL 19, 2008. its the same date the day we met in person in Manila. Thank you FFF. God Bless and more happy hearts here.
laidbackandpetit said
First of all i wanna Thank you FFF for our wonderful experience in FFF. My husband and I met here year 2004 of April, I sent him a wink, and that wink lead us to wonderful journey of love. We talked everyday, we call and text if we can't make it online. We make it sure our communication is not cut. We never run out of topics if were online, we talked some issues on newspapers, politics, friends, jobs and most important our unique long distance love affair.One part i like if were online, we prayed together online before we end our chat.That's makes me more sense to me. He truly treasured our meetings online. We talked about plans, marriage and future. Then, April 2005, i fetch him at the airport, first kiss, first embrace, first hug, those feelings cannot explain, it was so Real, no inhibitions, no hang ups, we both cried, its a tears of joy because meeting in person is doubled our feelings, we click right away, chemistry is expectacular. We had one short wonderful week together, He met my family , friends, kids, co workers and the touching moment was when he ask my hands and my kids to my father and he was bended knees for marriage proposal, talked my mom on her grave. All of this was like yesterday to us. Now were celebrating our 2nd year anniversary as Husband and Wife. We we're married twice, one in justice of peace and in christian church...and we're crossing our fingers for our 3rd church wedding backhome soon...Just little advice for the searchers, its not easy to find real person online specially now a days, but if you feel he/she is real listen to your judgement, that's our inner voice, be yourself, stay happy and Pray. you can visit our webpage photos at and at youtube corapetite videos and at friendster search my name cora walter.
I relatively a new member and I have been very lucky to find my Angel to be my future wife already.

We almost never meet as I ticked the wrong box stating I did not wish to meet people with children, I like children and Angel as a loverly little boy Looking forward to being with them both. Angel is willing to relocate to the UK as I am willing to relocate but I do not have a up to date passport and I have a few bills that need paying right now.

I wish they where both with me right now except I live in a house which as a lot of bad memories for me and it is in need of repair, so I really would not want to live in this house but as long as we could be together I would locate any where do any thing to be with them, If I could marry her right now I would.

Before jioning fff I tried several other dating sites but I choose fff because I was able to start sending E mails right away and I like philipino ladies, I find it easier to use and it was not as much in your face as some other sites I will not mention here.

A lot of the following questions could easily be search on the internet but fff could also create tabs to other locations with up to date information and resourses, pionting people in the right direction.

So there are a few quetions that people will need to know I have listed these as follows;

How do I:

Or where I; to each topic below.

Apply for a new passport and Cost, where I apply for a Visa if one is required. where I learn a Language Cost of Relocating Airports departures times + cost, Find Employment search for training and education in that particular country. Find Entertainment which could also be linked to the internet, places of interest and lesure activity, places to live, accomodation.

What if things go wrong and you wish to go back to your original country of residence where to find the right help and support. Keeping in contact with family and friends I believe is a good start never loose this contact, keep them up to date on how the relationship is working or not.

What if their are children involved, life can get a little complicated when we start dealing with divorce, if the children are able to go back has they may indeed have a different nationality to that of their parents.
pinay1968 said

it was JANUARY 2007 when a guy got interested with my account here in FILIPINO FRIEND FINDER and emailed me. he said that he wanted to make friends with me. after reading his mail, i went to his account and found out that there was nothing much in there but very limited informations about him which didn't interest me. in short i didn't reply to his email until another email came. he said that he's waiting form my reply so there i finally decided to reply accepting his friendship. we then became chatmates daily. our conversation turned out to be deeper and deeper until we feel that we liked each other and becoming closer each day. we exchanged photos, ideas, stories and experiences in was FEBRUARY 14, 2007 that he surprised me so much when i got a candy bouquet! and the most surprising about it was, his older sister delivered it in person!WOW!that was really exciting and unforgettable for me. was so happy and felt so special that day for this guy whom ihaven't met in person. that day on, we really became as close as before. our friendship turned out to be a love relationship. we became more interested to hear from each other...we started making future plans and yeah we decided of getting married. no fears, no doubts, just LOVE. knowing that God is always with us, He will lead us in the right way of life in His time. APRIL 3, 2007 when he came to the phils to meet me face-to-face. this time no more turning back. we did as we plan. APRIL 17, 2007 was when we had our civil wedding. being both matured counted a lot in our decision-making. our strong belief in God helped us a lot to face the challenges we are about to take in the future. he left the country around MAY to get back to his work. we became chatmates again but love grows more everyday. as the days passed, as the love continue to bloom, we prepared for our church wedding. here came SEPTEMBER 2007, he came back to the phils again. he helped me to fix and finalize everything. then OCTOBER 13, 2007, AT SAN ANTONIO ABAD PARISH, PASIG, TITO and I made a promise to God and all that our love will continue to grow as we fulfill our mission on earth to build a good family with God as the center of our life.
troyce said
Yah, im thankful to the fff coz i met Tony here(Tonywentfishing) was his account here coz he is also an fff memeber here.

I was about to closed my account on fff coz i found someone here before but i was hurt for i thought he was real so i decided to closed it. But it happend that, i've got busy that time on my work so i wasn't able to closed it. But when i've got a chance to open it, there is one person out there who viewed my profile so i decided to read his profile before closing it suddenly as i read through with it my attention was caught coz he has a very nice profile so i add him on friends lists network so it started there...until we exchange email almost everyday and keep communicating each and continue communicating the LOVE STORY BEGINS UNTIL NOW AND SOON THIS TWO HEARTS BECOME ONE....WE WILL GET MARRIED....TONY NOW IS MY FIANCEE AND TO THE FFF...THANK YOU SO MUCH!


You are the air I need to breathe The river of life inside of me You are the half that made me whole You are the anchor of my soul

You are my strength when I am weak You are the words when I can't speak You are my shelter from the storm

You are the road that leads me home and TONY with you here face to face I know I've found my place

Once in every life you find the one that's right and when you say forever it's true That's the love I found in you.

You and I were meant to be With all my heart and soul I’ll give my LOVE to YOU Tony To have and to hold…...FOREVER...MY HEART BELONGS TO YOU.

I will ask God to give us strength and good health so that when we will be together I could always LOVE YOU and take care of you more and more each day and be with you until the rest of my life…..



Always and forever, Ana Marie

Please post these to your site.Please!
cathy_3388 said
"STORY ABOUT ME"WHAT DO YOU THINK? His truck, looking around quickly at the carsthere.He did'nt see the little blue compact among them.He felta surge of disappintment.Today would have been the day confrontation.He dicided not to go give up, She might still show up.He gut his kite from behind the seat, along with his bag of gear.hanging the strap of the bag over his shoulder, he grabbed his chair and cooler of soda. he went to his normal spot and set up his chair.Then he began to put his stunt kite together.When the kite was ready, he began to play out the lines carefully.When he had them stretched out, he walk back to get the kite.he attached the four linesto the four pionts on the kite harness.Walking back to his chair, he cast adisdainful look at the cloudless blue sky, and crused the lack of wind.but he did'nt have anything that would fly in no wind.It looked like he would play the waiting for wind than flying.He pulled his shirt over his head and spread it over his chair.He sad and learned back and stretched out his legs to soak in some sun.It wasn't long before he had the feeling he was bieng watched.He knew how spooky she was so he slit his eyes open just a crack to look.There she was, right in her normalspot.Hunched over that sketchpad.He watched her watching him for a few minutes.She was, skeching furiously, as if trying to capture an image before it was gone.Her eyes flitted from him to the sketchpad and back again. Suddenly she stoppep and held the book out to view.She gave what appeared to be a satisfied nod and snapped. the book closed.(to be continue)
DaLion said
I met Taurusapril here at Filipino Friend Finder on June 15, 2006. She was separated for more than 20 years. I was in the process of divorce. We e-mailed each other everyday since we met and shared each other's life story. I was so touched by her story and soon we became very intimately close that we started calling each other "sweetheart" even though we haven't seen each other yet, except in pictures. She's in the Philippines and I'm in Arizona. As soon as my divorce was final, I called her and said...sweetheart, will you marry me? I heard the sweetest voice from the other end - "YES!"

I know early on that this woman is the soul mate I'm looking for - the kind of mate missing in my recently ended marriage. Right from the start, I asked her to begin the process of annulment of her marriage. We figured that by the end of May, the following year, her annulment would then be finalized. So we set our wedding day for July 7, 2007. Little did we know how long and expensive processing of annulment cases are in the Philippines. May, 2007 was winding down and matters of the annulment was even more complicated by the medical emergency and eventual death of the Judge handling her case. Despite her attorney's, assurance, I was worried it might not be finalized on time. Nevertheless, I went home in mid-June.

Taurusapril is everything I imagined her to be - very pretty despite her age. She is 52; I am 66. We stand at the same height of 5'2". She met me at the airport. The moment we laid eyes on each other, she rushed towards me and kissed me right then and there, and yes, it seemed like we have known each other for a very long long time. Yes of course, we got married as scheduled - a very happy day for the both of us! A dream come true! And we went to Boracay for our honeymoon!

It is hard for me to leave her - but I must. I am a U.S. citizen and I have now filed my petition with USCIS for her immigration to America.

We want to thank, you, Filipino Friend Finder, for providing the "bridge" that made our story possible. Hopefully, in a few months, she will be with me, and we plan to visit Palo Alto - where I used to work for 16 years.

- DaLion (Leo Blanco) and Taurusapril (Lucita Castillo)
lorney143 said
David and I met here in FilipinofriendFinder for more than a year now.we started as an internet friend and when he came to the Philippines last Feb.25, 2006, we felt inlove to each other.Now im here in the States and this coming month will be our wedding...Thanks a lot FilipinoFriendFinder...You've been a big part in our relationship...Keep up the good work
egjan13 said
My username is egjan13 .... a friend told me to join the fff, at first i was too excited when 20 friends emailed me then after a year of answering emails i became discourage coz i cant find what im looking for and i loose hope of finding true love from this site. But when i was about to give up this last one emailed me. At first i dont have interest to be his friend coz i thought all of them are the same who just look for fun in the internet.But as we exchange story and know each other very well by experience i fell in love with him. He was the most honest man and very true to his words that i ever met.I enjoy every minute with him talking, He was the man i was looking for who always made me smile.He is black with a cute smile and a gentleman with sweet voice. He was very simple but a very happy person i've ever known. He went to PI last April 12, 2007 and back home the 26 of April we are married now and he will live here in PI with me this coming January next year until now we never stop chatting and making each other laugh i know he loves me very much too.I am very thankful to fff for making my dream and desire to meet a goodman come true.. and giving me chance to see and read the profile of the person i love, this help all members to have idea of the person they want to be their friend or love in the future. Love from .... Elvie PS.. I want to send pictures of Me and Andrew when he was here but i dont know how to attach it here.
kaibigan58 said
I'm probably one of the luckiest people because I've tried a few personals/websites and nothing come even close to filipino friend finder. I've meet some new friends who are really nice (and good looking of course) and I'm currently developing a very good personal relationship with one of my FFFriends. Keep up with a job/personals well done sincerely,

winsher1 said
hello all the stuff of fff that accepting me here as 1 of a new member.i would like to say thank you if im not in these network i dont have alot of friend here so because of fff im alot of friends here now.
bellephoenix said
I fin'lly found him... My Baby, My Love, My Rich... who I want to grow old with and take good care of for the rest of my life.
pinkmoon said
I was searching for anything nor did I have been expecting to find a soulmate online.It was late in may me and Jun had met we became friends and we got to know each other we spend endless times chatting online exchanging e-mails too.Soon this friendship started to developed into something wonderful that still now we both wonder how did it happened.We went through a lot of things straigtening things out with our lives where as to the point we slowly drifted away I was scared to fall for him thinking I might hurt him like the girl I use to be friends with here in filipino friend finder did I couldn't stand to see him get hurt again cause I know how it feels like .for one month we avoided each other until one day he sent me an e-mail telling me how much he miss talking to me and how feels about me.I just can't get him off my mind eversince then I blogged about him then thinking if he's reading this he would too get the picture that I too was falling for him more like Im loving him in complete silence july 08, 2006 I can't stand it any longer is then I caught the chance him being online we talked it out is then that moment he confesed he loved me and I too feel the same way too.This was a new beginning for both of us we just can't wait to be in each other's arms my life brightened each day thoughts of him filled my mind.Mid july being in his arms feels so good first kiss feels so heavenly that knowing finally we made it despite the critism from other people that wonderful night he proposed to me asking me to be his wife my eyes started to tear as I said "yes I want to be your wife" the next following day we announced our engagement that lead us to the altar very fast people we love say we make a great couple together I could hear them say as they witnesed the binding of both souls that was once a stranger became friends now they both face the future together we are together for six months now and being married to jun is the best ever.he's a good father to my daughter although she is not his own but he treats her like his own he loved her like a good father should.As for us right now you would hear from us again when we expect our child later this year.So filpino friend finder thank you
truelover3 said
I have just been a standard member for almost a month now and it seems flattering to note that within that period i found my partner. I had been through many services that offers such kind of matching but only here on FilipinoFriendFinder that my dreams come true. Truly, i should say that it is a success story for me as it isn't easy to find a partner in this kind of venue, and i thank FFF for its honest to goodness way of finding people their chance of having a soulmate or partner the easiest way possible. My relationship with my new found partner has a long way to go still, but nevertheless, we are looking forward to work it out hopefully. More power FFF and thank you so much.
thomas3rd said
Yesterday I posted an article here on the blog telling about rumors I had heard that there had been a big fire at the public market in Mangagoy, Bislig City. I got enough e-mails and text messages about it to convince me that it had indeed happened, but didn’t know many details. So, being impulsive as I often am, I decided to drive up to Bislig yesterday and have a look for myself! I had never been to Bislig before, so this was an opportunity to see some new countryside and also get some information about a major event. As I searched all kinds of online news sources, I could find nothing about the fire, so that was an extra incentive for me to go.

The devastation at the market is obvious. Entire square blocks are burned to the ground. People on the scene are rummaging through the ashes looking for anything that they can sell for a few pesos and put a little food on the table. It is a sad thing to see, yet there are also signs of hope. Even just two days after the fire, and with a few flames still burning, people are already building new market stalls! Loads of lumber are being delivered to the scene, carpenters are putting up temporary wooden market stalls, and some vendors are already selling fish, rice and other items in demand.

The picture of the remains of the market tells the story.
09317784785 said
i have crate filipino mfriendfinder last week i am so happy to meet new friend i have view all profiel & send email to all but last three day i doint have send email & view profiel . i think my id is block pls reply me why crate this problem to me pls send me reply why? pls actevate my id thanks i am from india my friend network is very big my friend near 400 person pls reply me i send all friend we mamber to this site pls actevate my acoount
Yes.. it works...

I know many people are curious about if this thing might work or not. 2 strangers are meeting by net, just by chatting they try to understand eachother. can it be real and also work ??

I met with Helen 2 years ago while she was in israel. She is a pinay from Pampanga, but working outside of country like me. i was in makati at that time working. i found her by FFF and began to chat with her because she were close to my country. Day by day we tried to understand eachother and know our personality more. we were very far away. Anyway we go on to comunicate. This friendship takes 1.5 years like this. Sometimes chatting only. Most important thing was, we both honest to eachother. we just became ourselves.

After 1.5 years she sent me a message "i ll be in istanbul soon".. God knows i was really is not important to tell all details why or what... whatever i was so happy. We were always talking like "if we meet one day"...and at least that day came to us. now everything will be true and this was not a dream. Words became real..

Yes we met 5 mounthes ago. She is just beside me right now and smiling what i write here. I know she remember those long and difficult days and i know she remember the way how we go to under the sun together.

Noone knows what will happen. This is life and life is full of suprise. if you both believe that one day life will change the way towards to you, just get ready and feel the wind. if you both believe and trust your hearts, and patient enough, you will dance and fly in the sky.. This is true. Just listen to your soul and respect it..

i wish i can attach photo here.. And everyone can see that this long and improbable story became true.

Thanks for FFF. it shows us earth is not very big..

Napapaliit ng FFF ang mundo..
bingbong81 said
when i register at filipino friend finder, i can not believe that someday i can have a lot of friends through this web but unfortunately i did and i have what a lot of friends, now i am so happy for this....that is why i am proud to spent my time surfing.
tua000 said
I have been a member of FFF for like a year now, and i have learned some experiences on online dating. I have had some good and bad experiences. One guy who seemed so perfect, the right age, good built, and was a doctor. But unfortunately upon meeting him several weeks after getting to know him better, i found out he had a hidden agenda all along, and i didnt want to be part of it. So i ended this short term friendship. Secondly, met a guy who became a good friend of mine till now but he had to leave back for india a couple of months after knowing him. There are a few decent and intersting men out there that still go online and i hope i do find more of them. Thanks to

rarelioness said
January of this year when I came up to filled up my profile and picture in FFF. I was lucky coz I received bunch of response from members, when one guy came up to say Hi, I was curious about his personality although he doesn't go online all the time, then for no reason I get hooked up to him. One day on our conversation he told me that he is coming to see me, i was happy coz I really do like him. Then to make story short, on his 1 week stay in Manila is like we been together for years. We have lot of fun together. And now we make plan for our future. I know we love each other so much and I believe that anyone can find their soulmate in this site. Just pray and ask God for a sign and He will give it to u. Thank u FFF without you we have never been this happy.
rarelioness said
A couple of months ago, I met this man online. At first he was not as impressive as i am expecting him to be but as we've talk for few weeks... there was magic that caught my eyes to this stranger. Then last week we met in person and we are almost unseparable. For the meantime he need to go back to the States. And in behalf of Moe we would like to say thank you very much for your site
SWEET169 said
Unlike everyone, they found their true love.In person, Im an introvert, shy, aloof and a loner type of person.I dont trust people that easy.So I tried to make friends online.I prefered to spare myself from facing them.A lot of matches and emails rolled in.With different interests.Most I had ignored.And some I responded.Few of them I agreed to meet and have a chat.Ive learned a lot about people and it helped me get out of my shell a little.Though I still kept a distance thats why I havent actually fall for the right guy.Maybe I just enjoyed the friendship on line to know the world.
looking76 said
Hi filipino friend finder, few months ago i regestered here and i, m so lucky to meet my price.I really really like him and i can feel he likes me too.I really enjoy using your web and i learn more here specially those different kind of people i meet, the attitude , value and more interesting topics.More power and regards to all the staff...
emiajane said
Thank you filipinofriendfinder, with your help i found my ideal man!i been almost 6 months filipinofriendfinder member when i meet my soon to be my husband andy a.k.a"frenlly4ever"here in fff..after a month of talking to each other we really feel that we both inlove to each other and until now...and then we find ourselves that really inlove each other when he's first visit here last october and when he return here again in philippines last month of january i finally decide to myself that to be ready for being mrs. seales of now i have nothing to wish is just to be happily married to thanks friendfinder for bringing me my soulmate..i will always cherish u for being a part of my success and fulfilling my life...once again MARAMING SALAMAT & MABUHAY KA FILIPINO FRIENDFINDER...
emiajane said
Thank you filipinofriendfinder, with your help i found my ideal man!i been almost 6 months filipinofriendfinder member when i meet my soon to be my husband andy a.k.a"frenlly4ever"here in fff..after a month of talking to each other we really feel that we both inlove to each other and until now...and then we find ourselves that really inlove each other when he's first visit here last october and when he return here again in philippines last month of january i finally decide to myself that to be ready for being mrs. seales of now i have nothing to wish is just to be happily married to thanks friendfinder for bringing me my soulmate..i will always cherish u for being a part of my success and fulfilling my life...once again MARAMING SALAMAT & MABUHAY KA FILIPINO FRIENDFINDER...
ann_23 said
My search is over...thanks to FFF...I found my true love….I first met Tom in FFF in April 2005.I remember he emailed me first & decided to email him back after reading his very interesting profile. . From that day on we started emailing & chatting each other on a regular basis. I found out that we have something in common & almost same interest. After a couple of months we decided to meet in Aug 6, 2005. I was so nervous & hesitant at first but later find him too nice & a gentleman. I found out that he has all the qualities that I am looking for. We spend good times together, liked each other so much, enjoy each others company but its not enough to know if we were indeed in love… for it was only six days that we were together.. We became best friends after that & we continued our communication. We chat regularly for so many hours & nothing has changed. We were there for each other when we have problems & we’re very concerned with one another. We really become more closer than before until after a few months he told me he wanted to be with me. I was so happy cause I’ve been hoping for that to happen.. He means everything to me & looking forward spending my life with him forever..I guess it was fate that brought us together again.. For now, I am just waiting for the K1 visa & when its granted will eventually get married within 90 days. Thanks again FFF & more power!
iceyhot4u2love said
In September 2003 I met Mike over FFF. He left me a message asking for my number. At that time I was in Kansas USA while he was in Riyadh, KSA. It turn out we came from the same city in the Philippines and went on the same school in elementary. From then on, we had been chatting regularly and he would call me sometimes. We discovered we have a lot of things in common including Friends.After few months we discovered that we had been planning our future together and wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. Mike had been so persistent knowing what my plans are because he wanted us to meet when we go back home.He was asking me so he can schedule his trip too.In September 2004 I had to move to New York. Due to some circumstances, we lost our communication. He sent me emails and offline messages but I never replied any. In October 2004 I went home to the Philippines and in December we started talking again about us... Only then that he told me that he's coming home in May 2005 and that he will see me when he get home.Since then we had been talking everyday and we both knew that nothing could keep us apart. We love each other so much that we still wanted to be together after what happened. In May 2005 he came home and he introduced me to his family, friends, and relatives and vice versa. We were so happy that by the time his vacation was over, we were so sad.He went back to Riyadh in June 21 assuring me that when he comes back he will bring my weddng ring. Now we are still talking about our wedding plans and he's coming home in November for our wedding in December. Finally, we are getting married and I can't wait for that day to come since it will be my wedding and my birthday at the same time.. . THANKS TO FFF! Without FFF, I wouldn't have met Mike. .. :)

Love can happen anywhere at anytime and any place... . I AM A LIVING PROOF. . . .
zipzippinmo said
Today is January 23, 2006. Hello Filipino Friendfinder and members of this wonderful site ! I am to inform you that I am a week away from marrying my long lost love whom i found in ur site. Although i have turned off my profile i will stay on as a member to keep you guys updated on my behalf. By the way to c this magical story unfold, there will be a pool party, a small private reception in Laguna if you find us in feb 4 to 5th. Bye for now n thank you FFF
mercy_me said
i'm just a simple woman..i graduated from college 3yrs ago..i have a work now, but don't have bf...probbly i'm too busy with my work but i hope to settle down soon..hope i can find a nice, honest & responsible man...
DougS said
Well, my FFF friends, you have another success story with me! After being winked at by a lovely Filipina from Mindanao - she told me I was the only guy on the website she winked at first - we discovered we had 5-star compatibility and I found that I was communicating with the most amazing lady. Not only is she pretty and sexy but very smart as well, with high ethical standards.

We first communicated on the website in March 2004 and a lot has happened since then. I had the good fortune to visit her in the Philippines 4 times over the past 15 months and she has also visited me here in Australia for 3 months, to the extent that I proposed while she was here and we are now planning to get married (in the Philippines) in May this year.

Oh wow! FFF is to be congratulated for another success in bringing together two soulmates from different countries who otherwise most likely would never have met each other. Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to find each other.
pet4now said
I just want to join most of you to say *THANK YOU FFF* I would like to say I have met my PERFECT partner but that is still to early!!! But I have met and am still meeting some very nice people here and am making some REAL FRIENDS.

I love this format with the many choices on offer and am kept busy with posting in most areas and learning more every day I come here. When I first joined, I did think I was READY to start another Relationship/Marriage but soon learned I did still have some un-resolved issues to contend with!!!!

This site has made me to ones again have a real hard look at MYSELF and my ideals. And thanks to that I DO NOW KNOW what/why it went wrong in my previous Relationships!! I also NOW KNOW what and whom I am looking for in for what for ME will be my final attempt to find that very SPECIAL WOMAN that agrees to share the life left with ME.

She will be very hard to find but I WILL know her when/if I meet her and do whatever it takes to NOT loose her.

zipzippinmo said
Dear "FFF", Well, what can i say, I guess I owe you 1 !!! Can't give you more credit for now b'cuz we haven't sealed the deal. Well to me I fell inlove with this woman not just b'cuz she's so hot, but she managed to make feel what's it like to be loved by a traditional filipina woman who i've reserved my self for the long run n maybe the rest of my life. I might have hidden my true self inside my appearance n wild attitude but she has naturally opened my heart and so deservingly earned my trust and so she become the keeper of my heart n soul as we prepare our selves to become as one with our children Clarissa n Sheldon who had become more than friends but deservingly, they become sisters and we're hoping to add 3 brothers as soon as possible, ryt hon? Although all our communications are thru chat n very costly long distance conversations, we knew n felt that we had found our soulmates, which i refused to b'lieve existed n a typical urban legend. But guess what ladies and gentlemen they do exist n I'm 100% sure that i found her !!! How do you know she's the one? you ask?? Well we can both read our mind, and its scary when we know what we're thinking and also very....hmmmm. So "FFF" you have made me a b'liever, and trust me its not easy, i will bouch for this top of the line site anytime but i don't think she'll let me keep my membership after it expires. But we'll(FFF) talk later n dont delete my profile ok!!!So once again from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU FFF !!!
silverstar9 said
Debee and I met in a chat room in fillipino friend finder in February of last year. After sending each other e-mails every day between Canada and Hong Kong we have finally been united in marriage and we are a very happy and loving couple.

Thank You for bringing us together through you web site. It is really a wonderful process to find your soulmate somewhere near or far.


Peter & Debee
asian_mariah said
Since i was a kid i desire for the most expensive gifts of all kinds. . been wanting to sing my very own melody. .dream to have the most prestigious profession. . etc. . etc..etc. . As i look at myself now, i can almost say. . I made it. . dreams fulfilled indeed! But why there is still a part of me longing for unseen special gift? I had been in love twice all with men of substance. . long term affairs but i failed. . I started chatting to kill some boring moments at work. . not expecting for a relationship online. . . nahhhhh. . never in this kind of world where a long distance relationship doesn't make a pretty picture to me. . . but hey! i woke up one day and my heart flutters for some untold reason. . i could feelunoxygenated blood pooling through the veins of my brain. . . brain cells gasping for oxygen. . i could hardly think. . but i felt it. . im so much in love. . . Am I doing something wrong here? I had always been a person of reason and now it seems that for the first time I let my heart make the decision. . . moral values set aside. . hes a complete stranger. . not having a slightest idea of who he was. . but I felt like I've known him for years. . . For some reasons, hes not the right one for me. . but then i gave the relationship a chance to develop to it's full potential on it's own. . without looking at the pros and cons. . . . hmmmmm. . . this is strange. so unconditional. . now. . im hoping for this relationship to last. . i dunno until when. I dont want to be selfish. . I oftentimes ask myself. . Is this just a love affair to remember? or will there be a time for us? I sound so corny perhaps but i dont mind. . for now I am too happy for having him in my life. . . what i felt right now is already a gift. . . ill be just here singing this song. . i dunno until when? perhaps until my romeo joins me so. . . . A time for us some day there'll be When chains are torn by courage born Of a love that's free A time when dreams so long denied Can flourish as we unveil The love we now must hide .A time for us at last to see A life worthwhile for you and me And with our love through tears and thorns We will endure as we pass surely Through every storm A time for us someday there'll be A new world, a world of shining hope For you and me .
chinatree said
Being here is a great way to meet people who share the same views in life. It is a healthy way to unwind and have fun... Thanks to FFF and more power. I really love it here.
alhynne said
im very happy when i joined flipino friendfinder because im quite busy now looking for a friend and i forgot worrying about my past problem on my boy friend..i enjoyed meeting friends here in also give me the determination to go on diet coz i want my friend admired me of being sexy...because of fff, i met lots of people whom i can share my problems and they became a good adviser to me..your the best fff...thank you to the one whoinvited me here...
crusty2005 said
well.. what can i say? i was inlove with my betfriend that i ve met in gr 7. we got along and viewed only friendship between the two of us. obstacles went in our way of friendship but we passed and defeated them, TOGETHER. so then, in gr 8, i told her that i had feelings for her and that i only intend her happiness even not beside me. she went out with my other friend. and iw as happy for the both of them. but when i started senior high, things were vague to me. i kinda had feelings for the person that my bestfriend went out wiht. i ve known him for two years then and i just realized NOW that i have feelings for him. yet he doesnt know bcz i never told him. i wasnt that stupid! anyways, why do i like this guy? well, what attracted me the most is his personality --- gentleness and kindness. his quietness and shyness.. and HE's different from the other guys! he's not mean to anyone cept if he's joking. he never got mad at me. second, his body. he posted a picture of his abs on his aa page and i was amazed. to tell u the truth, that was the first that i ve seen abs. well yeah i didnt have absthat time so i tried to have them. then at school, summertime, he keeps wearing muscle shirts and i can see his body inside. yeha all i can say is. HE's HOT LIKE HELL! and so i tired pushing myself away from him bcz i felt that it was wrong to like him and lust. but i couldnt help it. the temptation was really great and i cant imagine myself telling him how i feel for him. then my love for my bestfriend has been killing me. and i evry nite, i imagine myself having sex with this guy that im talking about while masturbating to forget the pain that love has given me. and gradually, the love for my bestfriend diminished. i know me and her wouldnt go anywher. how would i knoe? bcz its just how far we can go. BESTFRIENDS! and yeha. so then rite now, i have 50 50 for both of them. and evryday, i crave to chat and talk to him on msn. despite that i couldnt hang out at his house bcz iM SHY! and yeah. at school, we didnt really talk. and i regret that! i hope this is enough to unleash the weight that my heart has been carrying since september! i still like him but he has a girlfriend. but sumtimes, i keep thinking that he's also bisexual bcz of some occasions.
Chikaever said
Just recently I just met a strange man here. He is quirky and wonderful and I just want to tell everyone that I really really really really really like him. Now I know I’m just a normal person cause I met someone who’s perfect for me. Thanks, Filipino FriendFinder: because of you I got to meet my “Monkey”!!
glenny said
ive been so lonely for the past relationship i had.although there was a time of happiness but couldnt reach my heart. my cousin can see my daily routine and she feels bored about she intoduce me this site and i started chatting in extend i bought my own computer.i dont have any plan to be serious meeting guys here but i just wanna have friends to change my daily routine supposed... but as the days goes on surfing this site..i found it so interesting especially the magazine portion...and i posted's nice reading others responses, sometimes you will laugh and feels annoyed. i met guys here and some will make you angry coz they just want to talk about sex!and if ur not going to talk to them...they call you any "dirty words".why wouldnt they just accept i dont like to talk to them?and my other chatmates bein affected about this coz im being so frank and rude sometimes to ask what they want from me.. and now i met a guy asking me to marry him..but the problem is he doesnt have much faith on me..i like him!and I fall inlove...but how can a relation will work out if trust and faith couldnt give.especially in my it coz im a filipina and couldnt trust at all? filipina's are not all the same..i hope to evryone who might read this could put that in their mind...if ur looking for a nice one...why wont you take a risk to get to know her?before you will put up all ur judgement...thank you!
peter48 said
"We Are Proud" We're in very good company, all participants in FFF must be proud as Miss Philippines was awarded "most photogenic" in the Miss Universe Title Contest in Thailand, may I add Miss Philippines has a few million 'sisters' who did not compete but all are worthy.

Peter Mulheron>peter48<
jhejhie said
nong sumali ako sa Filipino Friend Finder akala ko mahirap, pero mali ako napakadali lang pala tpos ang bilis ka pa makakuha ng mga bagong kakilala. masaya ako na sumali sa Filipino Friend Finder thanks for everything Filipino Friend Finder, your the best.
regina_ballante said
Yes, unbelievable but it's true. In a period of one month went from being a single mother to happily married now. I met my husband here at this site. I’ve been a member of FFF for a year and 1/2. I had so many experiences in this site and you can really say that it's true that there is no man alike. I found friends in this site.. But what is important I'm very happy with my husband and i was able to straighten my life. Now I have my own family which i can be proud to say that this is my family. Again thank you to all the people I met here. Thanks to the two people which really became my true friend dane_friend2 and heartyhead. wish you the best also. Soon I will totally leave this site I wish that those people looking for there true love will also have the luck that happened to me. Just pray... God Bless