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gabriela_silang 53 F
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Your Dating Personality   2/28/2019

Here are some questions to ask yourself and your prospective date about dating. There can be more than one answer to a question and you're free to add an answer that you feel should be among the options: <br><br> 1 Do I wait for someone to ask me out? <br><br> a. Often but it's okay if I ask someone out, too. b. As a rule. c. I always ask first. ...

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odette317 48 F
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Married Man   5/1/2008

Just communicated with someone, who said he is single and free, for quite awhile then you noticed both of you are getting close, all of a sudden you caught him out of the blue talking about a wife, you asked him and he said yes he is still married, how will you cope with the situation, what will you do?...

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odette317 48 F
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Bad Breath   4/20/2008

What will you do if during your first meeting you noticed that the person you are dating with has bad breath. Are you going to tell him/her right there and then or are you going to wait for another chance to tell him/her your observation, and how will you do it so you will not offend the person?

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How much romantic are you ?   4/16/2008

1 - What is the first sight exist in your mind?

a- I hope marry with someone as soon as posible b- Can affort me ? c- I wish to have fun and enjoy d- How it can be the first kiss ?

2- What is love for you ? a- Accepting me as who i am b- Soul dance c- Mind game for creating my future d- Food and drink

3- Have you ever had a partner where the two of you had a ...

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lovelycrdv 37 F
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How careful are you on a date?   9/9/2006

A women wants excitement, change and adventure. When you don't give her that, she becomes bored and starts looking for something else more exciting. That is why dinner and movies are a waste of your time.
Instead you could be going on new, exciting dates every week, where you really get to know each other, learn about each other and bond in a unique way. That is what this ...

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BF/GF test...   5/22/2006

bf gf test" Message: *******THE GIRLFRIEND/BOYFRIEND TEST!!!!!! ******* ****************GRAB A PIECE OF*************** **************PAPER AND A PENCIL!! ************* *********************AND!******************** **************NUMBER*IT 1 - 10!!!!!!************* *************HERE'S THE TEST!!!!!!!**************
1. Pick your favorite color out of the following: A. Red ...

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LegallyRomantic 47 M
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Rashes to Rashes...Dust to Dust   9/18/2005

This pertains more to the ladies: <br> Would you prefer men with facial hair or cheecks as smooth as a baby's back? I have worn both, up to incuding just a simple mustash up to a full gottee. Will it be irritating, pleasuring, tickling, distinguishing, captivating, unsightful...what's your call?

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LegallyRomantic 47 M
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How Well Do You Kiss?   9/18/2005

If you were to choose, would you or receive a kiss on the top lip or would you or receive a kiss on the lower lip or would you rather on both? <br> When I was sporting a moustash, I would first land the kiss the top lip. I'd rather not poke her top lip (while kissing the lower lip) or the inner parts of her lips with my facial hair. Or else I would have to extend my smackers ...

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LegallyRomantic 47 M
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History, Relationships and Good Memory   9/17/2005

Once upon a time, I hosted a valentine's party. I prepared some meals, games and prices for six couples. One of the segments was a Q&A portion. Each couple got up and stood at each opposite side of the board. Coaching would mean immediate disqualification. <br> The following questions were asked: <br> - When was your first date? Bonus score if you remember what time both ...

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Happy3025 40 M
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first date   3/2/2005

I've only had two perfect first dates in my entire life. And I know that a few weeks ago - I had my very last. Any time spent is perfected when I'm with JAG. Coup de foudre. Believe it

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Happy3025 40 M
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willing to be compromise   3/2/2005

Some poeple are just not what they seem. I try to be just me. No lies and no cheating. Life is always a rollercoaster and there needs to be someone that is willing to compromise

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Happy3025 40 M
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be yourself   3/2/2005

you have to compromise and be yourself. you have to expect that the other person is going to be themselves and you can never try to change a person .they are who they are

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timdog04 49 M
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Why ask "Why"? Hit the GYM and lay off the junk food.   6/9/2004

I often hear and read now on friendfinders articles about how less attractive women cannot find the man they want etc. That's such a cop out... All women need to do to find men is show a very lukewarm MILD interest. The bulk of the work is up to men. We've got to do all the things that it takes to impress you so we can get what we want from you (SEX). Those things can be defined as a ...

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anjelwicked 32 F
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hope you like this!   2/29/2004

1. What time do you get up? 7:00 am 2. If you could eat lunch with one person, who would it be? Sandra Bullock 3. Gold or silver? Gold 4. What was the last film you saw at the cinema? It's been awhile!!! 5. What is your favorite TV show? Sirvivor, American Idol, so many more! 6. What do you have for breakfast? Reese Bits cereal 7. Who would you hate to be stuck in a room ...

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