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January 27, 2014, after almost a year of chat, few long distance calls and almost everyday emails, we finally meet face to face. I am happy to meet my best virtual friend. We had more than 6 hours together, strolling in the mall. I never expect any ROMANTIC FEELINGS from him, he never even hold my hands.. I guess thats a sign he really likes me as a YOUNGER SISTER, A FRIEND...nothing more nothing ...

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vegasrooki 49 M
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be your self at all times !!!!!   1/18/2011

when your on a first date i think you should be yourself , cause the person gets a good look and jugement about you and you of her. i have been single for about 4 yrs. and im ready to have that first date and hope it leads to long term relationship. i know that some one special is out their and i am going to find you or you will find me !!!!!

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trina_lola88 43 F
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Do you believe in Love at First Sight?   7/19/2009

You have probably heard of stories about your friend or people who are close to you that tells you their bizarre experience of meeting their better-half and fall in love at the first instance? They will tell you, it is indeed a “love at first sight”...One theory in psychology would suggest that love at first sight is not just a myth. Big five theory explains that most of us are ...

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Knowin and being yourself   4/17/2008

To be concerned about your feelings even before the first date. Knowing yourself is fresh fully cleaned and smelling great keeps a good feeling about what you are doing during your time of fast decision making. So what if you or the other may make a mistake. I'ts only a first date. Just be smooth and excepting for the other to see the light of true colors shining through.

If you are just ...

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My first date was worst but memorable!   10/21/2007

I was 14 when I join the organization so I've met more friends.Starting of attraction then date but I'm so unlucky the boy who was my first date was Flesh grabber I think he is 'Maginoo' because we are both working in the church but I was wrong.Thanks God it was a group date so he never succeed. It is also memorable because it gave me awareness to take care for the next and I prove that you can ...

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milo_4242 66 M
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WORD TO SAY   3/29/2007


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aninongmalaya 41 M
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The Ten Women a Geek Should Date At Least Once in His Life   12/15/2006

Given that the purpose of meeting and dating different people is to expand your horizons, here's a list of the ten girls a geek should have dated at least once, during his early twenties. These ten dates would be among those on one's personal list of best-ever dates, and the girls being people who would contribute something positive to a geek's personality.
1. The Fashionista ...

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guess870 48 F
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"BE THE RIGHT ONE".......   12/1/2006

Be confident that each detail of your life is worth sharing because each one is so fascinating.... Put that idyllic image up on a pedestal and seek to develop those traits even more. Internalize and feel that you are the complete package, ,...

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Dcrown02 32 M
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what's the best.....   10/4/2006

in your first dates what would you prefer... as a romantic , ,, what would you like to to your someone...

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lovelycrdv 37 F
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Q: What is the longest word in the dictionary?   9/9/2006

This is a fun conversation, lets hear some more really long words

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pinay_magiting 47 F
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Weird and Sweet?   7/18/2006

He isn't your typical guy. He's mostly shy and he seemed always serious. He's not outgoing. More often, he'd just like to be at home tinkering with his guitar. He loves jazz and classical music, and he sings. Qualities that you seldom find in men these days. He was already in first year college while I was just beginning my high school. We're not a match, so my parents said then. He's way ...

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bingbong81 37 M
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neverbeentouch   5/31/2006

in the first date make sure that you do not taking for grated to your partner because it may be cause disapoint of your partner....see to it that you're good smel and attractive in her/his get her/his attention towards to you....

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candylipz 29 F
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TOP 10 Girl's purse content on 1st Date   4/26/2006

1. FACE POWDER -For powdering nose retouch 2. LIPSTICK -TO retouch maintain the seductive color 3. LIPGLOSS -To give lips dramatic effect 4. MASCARA -For maintaing thick eyelashes 5. MIRROR -For emergency glance purposes 6. COMB -To maintain the hair's real look 7. WALLET -For ...

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The Love Bus Story   3/20/2006

T.G.I.F.!!! I have to rush to catch my date in Glorietta Makati. That was our venue for our first date.But what the heck! The phone rang! My boss asked me to stay as there were customers who had their un-announced visit to conduct an un-announced audit. Heto na, I couldn't reach his mobile as he was already empty batt daw that time. And accdg to him, he kept on calling me at my desk but I ...

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First Date.....Blind Date for Teeners   3/20/2006

Many teenagers from my generation experienced a blind date as their first date. There were no cell phones yet that time, no text messages to rely on, who they would be with after the day in school. Common scenario is an acquaintance or a best friend the most, would invite you after the class, just a stroll she would whisper, then you'll just be surprise that when you get to your destination ...

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be yourself   1/26/2006

Whoever you are, wherever you are, wheter on a first date or what so ever...just bear in mind not to pretend that your're someone else be yourself...thats the best

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First Impression   11/27/2005

First Impression <br> Love begins with physical attraction. There is always something physically unique about each individual person that strikes the attention of the opposite sex. It is these special qualities that makes ups the character of a person–some things that can never be taken away from him or her. They are what makes a person valuable and lovable as a human ...

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Happy3025 39 M
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perfect first date   2/20/2005

My idea of the perfect first date: I'll meet her somewhere random. she'll have chai, I'll have coffee, We'll discuss music and movies and all that is our fancy. As I'm headed in her opposite direction, i'll come from behind, turn me around, look into my eyes, smile and then gently kiss her forehead and she'll then turn away.

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Happy3025 39 M
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perfect first date   2/20/2005

My idea of the perfect first date: I would have to say . To just talk and get to know someone for who they really are and not who they are trying to be. I would also have to say a nice dinner or a movie. That is my perect date. If you make fun of me that is on you not me. Thank you for reading this.

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AlexDMenace 63 M
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be cautious   10/27/2004

>Hi, Thanks for the info. I met him last December and we dated a few times. I lost contact with him middle of February. Actually I don't find him rude and bastos during the time we dated but i felt angry and offended when he suddenly disappeared. Pardon my ignorance but i'd like to ask what is this group eb that you mentioned. I'd like to try attending this group if its OK. Rgds, ...

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RockDoc2 52 M
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First and Foremost - Feel Safe   8/26/2004

When on a first date, particularly with someone met on the internet, the prime consideration should be simplicity, relatively low cost and safety. What is the sense of going on some grand affair when you may find that the 'other' is not for you? It is really best to just meet for coffee in a public place. Each, if each has a vehicle, should drive their own. That way, if the chemistry is nil ...

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wnoe 51 M
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RE: goodcop reply   7/2/2004

or you can tell them your going to the toilet and nick off out the back way

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