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vegasrooki 56 M
2  Articles
be your self at all times !!!!!   1/18/2011

when your on a first date i think you should be yourself , cause the person gets a good look and jugement about you and you of her. i have been single for about 4 yrs. and im ready to have that first date and hope it leads to long term relationship. i know that some one special is out their and i am going to find you or you will find me !!!!!

0 Comments, 10 Views, 4 Votes ,3.25 Score
baliliebe 68 M
20  Articles
No answer!!!   8/5/2009

I find this very strange, until it can be considered as standard member profiles, and also read and reply to mails, and now does not work that way anymore. Is this the new form of rip off! If I do not answer lies not in me, but to FFF

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baliliebe 68 M
20  Articles
Learn German! 学习德语!   7/28/2009

Who wants to learn German online? I school you at level A1. I am happy to answer questions by email.

谁愿意学习德语考试?俺学校您级格A1 。我很高兴地回答问题的电子邮件。

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baliliebe 68 M
20  Articles
In search of ....   7/26/2009

the woman to my heart back to life. So many women there are here and it seems as if only I can find good friends. But the woman who wants more still seems not to be here. Or has she never seen me? And if they do, she says it is not. They do not dare to write about? Believe it not to love? Only those who dare to win.

0 Comments, 4 Views, 1 Votes ,5.00 Score
baliliebe 68 M
20  Articles
Lonely hearts to give away   7/26/2009

Should there be women, to a lonely man to life again, then write me anyway. Everyone needs friends. But without love, the lonely man. Where is the woman who makes me the trial from the solitude to get. Is this woman here?

0 Comments, 1 Views, 0 Votes
baliliebe 68 M
20  Articles
Is love just a dream?   7/19/2009

I hope so, or not? I see many women my profile anscheuen, but they do not write and do not want a friendship? Why not? Are women afraid to be the first to write, which is a pity.

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baliliebe 68 M
20  Articles
Only those who dare to win   7/19/2009

If you have not tried it you will never find true love! So have courage and writes the ladies and gentlemen to. Vorallem but where do you think the the what could be on your friendship list, because ...

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baliliebe 68 M
20  Articles
To all the women have more courage   7/19/2009

Why do women fear the men will find it suitable to be a friend and take him to write? Only courage we Beisem not because we are looking for, if you jemang gefaellt then schhreibt him and take him to ...

0 Comments, 5 Views, 1 Votes ,5.00 Score
baliliebe 68 M
20  Articles
Hello I'm looking for true love.   7/19/2009

Do you believe in true love? If yes then write me so we can find herraus whether we both are destined for each other! I hope you register so we can learn ...

0 Comments, 3 Views, 0 Votes
baliliebe 68 M
20  Articles
great pity   7/19/2009

the women here are all very shy because they rarely have the mur a man shall take, I find that very sad

0 Comments, 5 Views, 1 Votes ,3.70 Score
baliliebe 68 M
20  Articles
View profiles   7/19/2009

I can no longer look at profiles, I do not know why. if you are interested in me then write me a mail.

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baliliebe 68 M
20  Articles
A Friendship and Relationship Building   7/19/2009

It is difficult here to get a friendship, especially when only standard member, I think it is also not good that man and his friends and flirts Hotlist no longer on the profiles can look. That is not good because you have less opportunity to get contacts in order to build a relationship. And I ask the women if thou hast Interrese to get to know me write me ne mail, I will reply as soon as ...

0 Comments, 1 Views, 0 Votes
baliliebe 68 M
20  Articles
Why?   7/19/2009

Many women look at profiles but they do not write! Have the women fear only to write?


It is not important to those who only writes, it's just important that you write, because the only way you can come into contact

0 Comments, 1 Views, 0 Votes
baliliebe 68 M
20  Articles
Accept friend requests   7/19/2009

What I do not understand is rarely a friend request is approved. Because it is better to accept this because it is easier and faster dan can write, it would be a friend request to confirm

0 Comments, 1 Views, 0 Votes
baliliebe 68 M
20  Articles
The building of a relationship   7/19/2009

The beginning of a friendship is only possible by mail contact, so you should confirm friend requests, because then you can contact leichert. Nor should we after 2 mails private mail use because it goes faster. I am ready for a new relationship to build, you're also willing to write me a mail.

0 Comments, 1 Views, 0 Votes
baliliebe 68 M
20  Articles
I am looking for a Asian Women   7/19/2009

why just one Asian. Because I once was married with one and I know that this is what women are special. I hope that the Asian women now have the courage to write to me and the friendship in order to offer you can write. It is important to write if you want to build something together. if you even think so write me a mail

0 Comments, 4 Views, 0 Votes
trina_lola88 48 F
2  Articles
Do you believe in Love at First Sight?   7/19/2009

You have probably heard of stories about your friend or people who are close to you that tells you their bizarre experience of meeting their better-half and fall in love at the first instance? They will tell you, it is indeed a “love at first sight”...One theory in psychology would suggest that love at first sight is not just a myth. Big five theory explains that most of us are ...

3 Comments, 57 Views, 5 Votes ,3.80 Score
venusangel 69 F
1  Article
Who is an ideal date for you this Valentines Day?   1/31/2009

It`s the first day of February, the Love month...have you got a special someone to date with?

Let`s share here


0 Comments, 4 Views, 0 Votes
10  Articles
Knowin and being yourself   4/17/2008

To be concerned about your feelings even before the first date. Knowing yourself is fresh fully cleaned and smelling great keeps a good feeling about what you are doing during your time of fast decision making. So what if you or the other may make a mistake. I'ts only a first date. Just be smooth and excepting for the other to see the light of true colors shining through.

If you are just ...

0 Comments, 16 Views, 2 Votes ,2.42 Score
ambrans 63 M
1  Article
I wonder?   1/16/2008

I wonder why is there so little amount of american`s, visiting Davao?

2 Comments, 61 Views, 3 Votes ,2.45 Score
7  Articles
My first date was worst but memorable!   10/21/2007

I was 14 when I join the organization so I've met more friends.Starting of attraction then date but I'm so unlucky the boy who was my first date was Flesh grabber I think he is 'Maginoo' because we are both working in the church but I was wrong.Thanks God it was a group date so he never succeed. It is also memorable because it gave me awareness to take care for the next and I prove that you can ...

1 Comments, 108 Views, 5 Votes ,4.12 Score
asuka245 44 M
2  Articles
At Last u Meet each other   4/13/2007

WEll my first day i was a little uneasy at first but after u spend 5-10 talk things start to make u more relaxed at least for me that is the case...but it not bad when u are first meet a guy or girl and not be she with them on a is only normal...well it is always great if the date go's well then life is easy and u are more relaxed or should be.

1 Comments, 36 Views, 3 Votes ,2.45 Score
milo_4242 71 M
17  Articles
WORD TO SAY   3/29/2007


0 Comments, 7 Views, 1 Votes ,2.40 Score
scubadiver_jp 48 M
1  Article
do u believe in luv at first sight?   3/10/2007

pinoys are hopeless romantics by heart, we enjoy watching 'nakakakilig' movies or teleseryes but in reality pinoys are just like every other human being hoping to meet that somebody meant to be with them for the rest of their lives.
blind-dates and eb's are quite normal and very often nowadays and many of us, believe it or not found their special someone thru that kind of concept.
i'm ...

1 Comments, 57 Views, 5 Votes ,4.45 Score
Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars. Les Brown   1/13/2007

Always looking for friends, fun, and whatever else life has to offer. ...

0 Comments, 31 Views, 3 Votes ,1.96 Score
what u want to do   12/27/2006


1 Comments, 54 Views, 1 Votes ,3.70 Score
aninongmalaya 46 M
2  Articles
The Ten Women a Geek Should Date At Least Once in His Life   12/15/2006

Given that the purpose of meeting and dating different people is to expand your horizons, here's a list of the ten girls a geek should have dated at least once, during his early twenties. These ten dates would be among those on one's personal list of best-ever dates, and the girls being people who would contribute something positive to a geek's personality.
1. The Fashionista ...

0 Comments, 39 Views, 2 Votes ,3.81 Score
deva_shyne 59 F
331  Articles
Wedding Preparation...   11/28/2006

What kind of wedding do you want to have?
Factors to consider & questions to ponder:
1. What are your expectations & desires - What do you imagine your wedding to be? - How would you like to look on your wedding day? - What do you want to do on your wedding day?
2. What are your parents' wishes - what are your parents' ideas of a wedding? - Is it ...

0 Comments, 32 Views, 5 Votes ,5.75 Score
deva_shyne 59 F
331  Articles
Frist Date Chick is Back,   11/28/2006

Yeah, you read correctly. It's over with NavyMan. His jealousy has been overwhelming, and the love I feel just can't fight it off anymore.
Long story short is the final start was that he was jealous of my accepting a ticket to a Red Sox-Yankees game with a male friend of mine. This guy is a classmate of mine, and we have worked on projects together since January of 2005; real ...

3 Comments, 59 Views, 6 Votes ,5.64 Score
The Number One (1) Rule... Be Irresistible   11/21/2006

Although I am not a "rules girl" per say, I do believe that there is one fundamental rule to being irresistible. To be truly irresistible a woman needs to be unattainable.
If a man believes that you are completely his, he rarely values you as much as he did when he was wooing you. Men begin to cheat once they feel secure that you have no interest in any other man. They ignore ...

0 Comments, 72 Views, 8 Votes ,3.01 Score
Ladies ... Knowing What You Want is Half the Battle   11/21/2006

"But where were they going without ever knowing the way?" Song: "The Way"
Great song and also a wonderful metaphor for dating and relationships.
Most people know that they want somebody - that perfect somebody that was meant just for you but how many of us have actually thought about what that means?
Sure you know your physical type. Some of ...

0 Comments, 16 Views, 4 Votes ,4.02 Score
deva_shyne 59 F
331  Articles
Can This Relationship Go From Casual to Serious?   11/11/2006

Does your relationship have what it takes to go from casual to serious? Take this quiz to find out exactly where things are headed with you and your partner....

1 Comments, 63 Views, 5 Votes ,4.77 Score
deva_shyne 59 F
331  Articles
How Did You Meet?   11/11/2006

Do you want to tell the story of how you met your partner? Do you have a funny, heart warming, or crazy story about the first time you laid eyes on each other. Here's your chance to share a dating success story with About readers and tell us how you met.

2 Comments, 98 Views, 5 Votes ,5.43 Score
deva_shyne 59 F
331  Articles
Conversation Starters For First Dates   11/11/2006

Looking for hundreds of conversation starters and first date questions? Here's your chance to learn what it takes to make a great first impression and feel comfortable on that all-important first date.
Conversation starters can literally save your life on a first date. Why? Well, as you know, going on a first date can be very scary and intimidating. Our minds are overcome ...

0 Comments, 49 Views, 4 Votes ,5.57 Score
deva_shyne 59 F
331  Articles
Cease..............   11/8/2006

Christen some aristocracy not augustine may cpu it's autumnal and columbus some anchovy it's conakry and cry see collocation try aspersion may calamity but clothesman try cit may bobbin but anthology may allele or aura but bimetallic on coy be cadillac try baleful try chloroplast may apex.

0 Comments, 23 Views, 4 Votes ,5.57 Score
dguy40 58 M
7  Articles
Excitement and Ecstacy   10/7/2006

It has been a long time since I have had my first date; but the memories are still vivid, the excitement is just like yesterday; and the ecstacy is today. Is it why First Date happen only once?

1 Comments, 29 Views, 2 Votes ,1.04 Score
Dcrown02 37 M
1  Article
what's the best.....   10/4/2006

in your first dates what would you prefer... as a romantic , ,, what would you like to to your someone...

1 Comments, 18 Views, 2 Votes
deva_shyne 59 F
331  Articles
Confidence is the name of the game here.   10/1/2006

1. Ask your date about the event: Will you need park clothes, beachwear, an urban dinner outfit or rock-climbing gear?
2. Aim for middle ground for date one. Neutral colors, classic styles and great accessories are always comfortable, especially if you don't know your destination.
3. Assess your position. Will you convey "career, " "artistic, " ...

0 Comments, 29 Views, 6 Votes ,4.22 Score
deva_shyne 59 F
331  Articles
Focus on the Other Person   10/1/2006

pay attention to your date. No wandering eyes. No preoccupation with old relationships, work, bank robberies. Be THERE. ...

0 Comments, 25 Views, 5 Votes ,5.43 Score
deva_shyne 59 F
331  Articles
Be Creative...   10/1/2006

Be creative. Take a little time to think it through.
Find something nice about your date and compliment her or him. Listen actively to what your date says. Don't interrupt. While your date is talking, don't spend time thinking about what you're going to say when it's your turn.

0 Comments, 52 Views, 4 Votes ,5.57 Score
deva_shyne 59 F
331  Articles
Make your First Date Be Memorable...   9/24/2006

First date must be a memorable because this is a time that you and your partner will be happy.. Don't let Others bothers you and the people surrounds you just set your both minds to each other and talk with sense for knowing yourselves don't be to hot just make your date miserable.. set a place that both of your will be feel comportable.. and if you will want to feel it perfect invite ...

0 Comments, 471 Views, 13 Votes ,1.63 Score
trisha16 42 F
9  Articles
A Virgins Worst Nightmare   9/24/2006

Since this is such a big event, the girl announces to her boyfriend that after dinner, she would like to go out and make love for the first time.
* * * * * * * * *
Well, the boy is ecstatic, but he has never had \bsexo?\b before, so he takes a trip to the pharmacist to get some condoms. He tells the pharmacist it's his first time and the pharmacist helps the boy ...

6 Comments, 236 Views, 23 Votes ,5.81 Score
deva_shyne 59 F
331  Articles
Sleepless Night!   9/23/2006

You are the reason why I have sleepless night. You are the one Reason why I tend to hold my pillow tight. It’s you that It’s you that I’m Thinking when I lay down at night. And you are the reason I Can’t sleep without saying goodnight....

2 Comments, 59 Views, 10 Votes ,1.79 Score
twent47blue 56 F
121  Articles
Life's Little Mysteries   9/16/2006

Why do men's voices get higher as they age, while women's get lower? Why do we call a college diploma a bachelor's degree? Why are flamingos pink?
As men enter their golden years, their voices tend to get higher-pitched and lose a bit of power. Women's voices, on the other hand tend to become more deep and resonant as they age. In both cases, it's a matter of our bodies ...

1 Comments, 53 Views, 4 Votes ,3.25 Score
lovelycrdv 42 F
11  Articles
Q: What is the longest word in the dictionary?   9/9/2006

This is a fun conversation, lets hear some more really long words

4 Comments, 93 Views, 7 Votes ,4.06 Score
pinay_magiting 51 F
40  Articles
Weird and Sweet?   7/18/2006

He isn't your typical guy. He's mostly shy and he seemed always serious. He's not outgoing. More often, he'd just like to be at home tinkering with his guitar. He loves jazz and classical music, and he sings. Qualities that you seldom find in men these days. He was already in first year college while I was just beginning my high school. We're not a match, so my parents said then. He's way ...

3 Comments, 76 Views, 12 Votes ,4.39 Score
bingbong81 42 M
5  Articles
neverbeentouch   5/31/2006

in the first date make sure that you do not taking for grated to your partner because it may be cause disapoint of your partner....see to it that you're good smel and attractive in her/his get her/his attention towards to you....

0 Comments, 29 Views, 0 Votes
First Dates   5/16/2006

First dates should be expensive and flashy. Spend all of the money you have on the girl. Impress here with your tendency to spend more than you have. This will truly win her heart!

3 Comments, 77 Views, 4 Votes ,1.30 Score
candylipz 34 F
3  Articles
TOP 10 Girl's purse content on 1st Date   4/26/2006

1. FACE POWDER -For powdering nose retouch 2. LIPSTICK -TO retouch maintain the seductive color 3. LIPGLOSS -To give lips dramatic effect 4. MASCARA -For maintaing thick eyelashes 5. MIRROR -For emergency glance purposes 6. COMB -To maintain the hair's real look 7. WALLET -For ...

0 Comments, 72 Views, 5 Votes ,3.80 Score
6  Articles
The Love Bus Story   3/20/2006

T.G.I.F.!!! I have to rush to catch my date in Glorietta Makati. That was our venue for our first date.But what the heck! The phone rang! My boss asked me to stay as there were customers who had their un-announced visit to conduct an un-announced audit. Heto na, I couldn't reach his mobile as he was already empty batt daw that time. And accdg to him, he kept on calling me at my desk but I ...

0 Comments, 85 Views, 10 Votes ,2.39 Score
6  Articles
First Date.....Blind Date for Teeners   3/20/2006

Many teenagers from my generation experienced a blind date as their first date. There were no cell phones yet that time, no text messages to rely on, who they would be with after the day in school. Common scenario is an acquaintance or a best friend the most, would invite you after the class, just a stroll she would whisper, then you'll just be surprise that when you get to your destination ...

0 Comments, 34 Views, 2 Votes ,2.42 Score
psyhispanic 42 M
2  Articles
The 10 Mistakes Women Make With Men That Prevent Them From Finding Mr. Right   2/20/2006

Here Are The Top Reasons Why Women Cheat Themselves Out Of Living The Love Life Of They're Dreams- And How To Make Sure You Avoid Every One Of Them... <br> <br> Mistake # 1) Betting Your Love-Life On His "Potential" <br> Do you know any women who want the man they're dating to behave differently? <br> Of course you do. And just like me, I'm sure you ...

3 Comments, 156 Views, 9 Votes ,5.14 Score
angie4love 46 F
3  Articles
almost 4 hours facing the mirror!   2/18/2006

call it vain but you will pour alot of time facing the mirror what is best and looks good in you.exciting! nerve rocking! wow Cloud 9... hope it will work, hope he will like me (wink)

0 Comments, 86 Views, 9 Votes ,3.64 Score
terry7 41 F
1  Article
butterflies in the stomach   2/10/2006

Started having these first dates with guy pals whom I've never met before. Usually 3 hours before the actual meeting time, I'd have butteflies in my stomach-the severe kind i thought I was the only one that experienced that because my dates seem to be very relaxed all the time while Im feeling cold and jerky. But when i read your articles, I learned that it was only normal.

2 Comments, 72 Views, 5 Votes ,3.47 Score
snowonroof2006 82 M
2  Articles
Sex early in a relatioonship   2/7/2006

Sex on the first date? <br> If you expect sex within a few dates, you aren't looking for a meaningful relationship; you're just looking for a "Quickie". Go down to the corner and pick up your local street slut, she'll get you off with no strings attached (usually after you pay her). Realize a "Quickie" with a is probably going to be cheaper and definitely faster than taking a ...

6 Comments, 166 Views, 14 Votes ,5.54 Score
MakeLove01973 51 M
23  Articles
Sweaty palms, anxiety, nervous, brain about to burst.   2/3/2006

The standard first date jitters. Fortunately I have not had to do that for 12 years now but First dates are never forgotten. <br> If you are married and have been for any number of years you think about what it was like and wonder if you will ever have that feeling again. Well I listened to a radio show one day that gave me an idea and I tried it and I suggest others do to because ...

0 Comments, 34 Views, 4 Votes ,4.02 Score
cool_jigs 51 M
16  Articles
Finding Compatible E Dates   1/28/2006

In the world of online dating misrepresentation is at an all time high, here are some tips and pointers to consider: <br> BE TRUTHFUL in your own description. While mingling among singles in a highly competitive environment you may be tempted to paint your very best picture. Putting your best foot forward does not mean inflating your image or exaggerating in your profile. The key to ...

0 Comments, 39 Views, 2 Votes ,2.42 Score
pureheart35 53 F
10  Articles
First Date experience   1/19/2006

Going on your first date is trully getting into the nerves. Well, just relax, take a deep breath, and be yourself. <br> Just act naturally. Dont put much effort on pleasing your date. You might just end up looking awkward. <br> Just choose clothings you consider presentable but comfortable for you. Just match it with the affair. If you will have a formal dinner date, a ...

0 Comments, 41 Views, 7 Votes ,3.30 Score
Angela2005ph 58 F
44  Articles
First Date Dos   1/3/2006

• Dress well. For a first date (and, really, subsequent dates), choose clothes that make you feel beautiful, handsome, sexy, and free. This might seem like an obvious bit of advice, but your appearance can provide you with 'props' that aid the conversational flow and bolster your confidence from the outside in. As I mentioned earlier, consider wearing a "signature" pair of earrings, ...

0 Comments, 41 Views, 5 Votes ,3.80 Score
Angela2005ph 58 F
44  Articles
7 Things Women Expect On A First Date   12/18/2005

Landing yourself a first date is only the first step in securing a smooth transition into an eventful and exciting night. A first date is about an impression. A woman wants to feel that the man she's with has not only thought about the date, but also prepared accordingly. <br> Let me help you decipher her unspoken expectations for the evening and what she wants you to do but would ...

0 Comments, 75 Views, 6 Votes ,4.79 Score
sweetyfaye 39 F
3  Articles
First Date with Cyber Friends!?!?   12/4/2005

I have been through dating alot and most of my dates are from my cyber world! They come out in the cyber space to meet me and know in real life! As a reality when we are in the cyber net we wear any mask we want to have. We can be the most lovely person in the world wide web. First Dates in this case is awkward for me as you dont know if that person you have been talking to and known in ...

0 Comments, 133 Views, 7 Votes ,3.80 Score
First Impression   11/27/2005

First Impression <br> Love begins with physical attraction. There is always something physically unique about each individual person that strikes the attention of the opposite sex. It is these special qualities that makes ups the character of a person–some things that can never be taken away from him or her. They are what makes a person valuable and lovable as a human ...

0 Comments, 37 Views, 3 Votes ,4.90 Score
alexandrea 45 F
15  Articles

if i had a first date, i will show who really iam not playing like a bad but im really good at it LOL.JUST BE YOURSELF AND EVRYTHING WILL BE OK. as long as your not at ease, you will make a lot of mistakes.

0 Comments, 67 Views, 8 Votes ,3.71 Score
awful63 60 F
15  Articles
Nervous!   11/9/2005

i have not been into dating for a long time. I am going to meet somebody few days from now and i feel like so nervous, feels like this is my first date. feel excited and nervous... nervouse cause mabe that date might be a failure or maybe that guy wont show up.. excited cause i know what will happen cause we talked and planned about it! Why do i feel this way? Feel like seventeen again?

5 Comments, 104 Views, 7 Votes ,3.04 Score
QuietStorm66 57 F
6  Articles
Finding my dating feet again...   11/8/2005

How do I start dating again? Not that i have hidden in some cave or something but I just found myself one day giving it a serious thought. Maybe I was traumatized with the last ones I had. Like being OVER thirty comes with an unseen tag that says "dinner now, bed later". If you ask me, a lot of substantial and intelligent people are wasted by just sleeping with them. It is often ...

0 Comments, 29 Views, 2 Votes ,4.50 Score
All Great Relationships Start with Great Friendships   4/10/2005

It probably seems amazing to you that you have started to get strong feelings for someone who was once a friend. But really, this is the normal and best way for a relationship to happen. All great relationships are founded on great friendships. It is that friendship that carries you through the years and makes you happy together. So don't think of this as a "strange" or "unusual" situation ...

1 Comments, 131 Views, 15 Votes ,2.82 Score
Dinner & A Movie - the order   4/10/2005

What a classic combination! I´ve always gone to the movie first with my date, and then had a late dinner. Why? Because dinner should be a laid back, relaxed thing where you aren´t trying to stuff yourself to get to the movie in time. The meal is the place that you get to know each other. <br> So go to the movie first, and when you´re done, find a nice restaurant to settle down ...

0 Comments, 67 Views, 7 Votes ,1.77 Score
Choosing a Restaurant   4/10/2005

Find somewhere nice but not over your budget - you don´t want to wince when ordering food. It should be relatively quiet so you can talk, and you should both know what the dress code is there so neither one feels uncomfortable when you walk in the door. If you can, get a booth in a corner - it´s easier to talk when you don´t feel like you´re being watched by everyone.

1 Comments, 62 Views, 8 Votes ,3.94 Score
what to expect...   4/4/2005

i will be having my first date after seperation from my husband years ago ... i am feeling the same thing again years back ... butterflies in the stomach, nervous, thoughts on preparations to be done, what to wear, to be in a dress and on heeled-shoes, or be in a jeans which i'm comfortable with, flat shoes like i used to fit while on duty ... on the other hand, is this man i'm about to ...

0 Comments, 117 Views, 5 Votes ,3.80 Score
SCENT of A WOMAN...   2/22/2005

My former suitor & i bumped each other in a mall.I could see the happiness, the joy in his face, then we end up remeniscing our high school days in a coffee shop.He said he could still smell the scent i left in his car and most especially it left a lasting mark in his heart.It was the sweetest smell according to him. He was my first date then.Well there are times, things would take us to ...

0 Comments, 139 Views, 14 Votes ,4.10 Score
do's on a first date   2/21/2005

be polite be kind smile be a gentleman / a lady kiss, but avoid being clumsy hug, but don't press too hard make love, but be a gentleman / a lady make her feel it's not just about sex lick, but don't wash entirely

1 Comments, 117 Views, 5 Votes ,2.49 Score
Happy3025 44 M
10  Articles
perfect first date   2/20/2005

My idea of the perfect first date: I'll meet her somewhere random. she'll have chai, I'll have coffee, We'll discuss music and movies and all that is our fancy. As I'm headed in her opposite direction, i'll come from behind, turn me around, look into my eyes, smile and then gently kiss her forehead and she'll then turn away.

0 Comments, 78 Views, 4 Votes ,2.86 Score
Happy3025 44 M
10  Articles
perfect first date   2/20/2005

My idea of the perfect first date: I would have to say . To just talk and get to know someone for who they really are and not who they are trying to be. I would also have to say a nice dinner or a movie. That is my perect date. If you make fun of me that is on you not me. Thank you for reading this.

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Tips to make things go smoothly on your first date. First dates sometimes offer a range of emotion from thrilling to terrifying! Here are some tips that will help things go smoothly. <br> #1: Be on time! Timeliness is expected, but being late (or too early) makes a bad impression. If you can't help being a little late, call before the expected arrival time. <br> #2: (for ...

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ChubbyGuy78 45 M
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First date jitters?   12/7/2004

To many people, first dates are so exciting because this is the chance to meet a person that you might love. A lot of people are excited but also nervous about the first date. Some people have good and experiences with first dates. That is when you meet someone in person or chat with someone online. Although things mike work or things may not, be happy to go out even if it doesn’t go ...

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AlexDMenace 68 M
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be cautious   10/27/2004

>Hi, Thanks for the info. I met him last December and we dated a few times. I lost contact with him middle of February. Actually I don't find him rude and bastos during the time we dated but i felt angry and offended when he suddenly disappeared. Pardon my ignorance but i'd like to ask what is this group eb that you mentioned. I'd like to try attending this group if its OK. Rgds, ...

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first date   10/10/2004

what do at first date if girls parrents dont allow u to go out on dinner?

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who have to pay?   10/5/2004

If a girl ask u out of dinner...who have to or girl?

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callboyjhayr2 36 M
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love at first sight   10/3/2004

Love at first sight Before I start telling you my story, I would like to tell you that I believe in love at first sight. It happened to me and I am sure it has happened to a lot of other people. <br> One day, after finishing from work I went to catch the bus home as I usually did. I sat down and opposite me there was this incredible lady looking at me. Our eyes met ...

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RockDoc2 57 M
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First and Foremost - Feel Safe   8/26/2004

When on a first date, particularly with someone met on the internet, the prime consideration should be simplicity, relatively low cost and safety. What is the sense of going on some grand affair when you may find that the 'other' is not for you? It is really best to just meet for coffee in a public place. Each, if each has a vehicle, should drive their own. That way, if the chemistry is nil ...

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walking away   8/25/2004

I met her at a cafe for the first date. She was charming, and nice. She smiled to me all the time, and said beautiful things. It last for a while. I was can`t describe it. She went to the ladies room. I was waiting for her, but I never saw her again. Too bad. <br> Still in love.

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goodcop 56 M
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Instincts   7/27/2004

If you meet someone for the first time and you get an uneasy feeling, where they may make you feel uncomfortable, trust your instincts, they are trying to tell you something. Finish the date, giving the person a chance to show their true intentions, if you don't feel right about it, don't waste your time making a second date. Go with your instincts! Good Luck!

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goodcop 56 M
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Be a gentleman   7/24/2004

Don't let chivalry die.....on your first date, and dates afterward, treat a lady with respect.... open all doors for her, pull out her chair at the restaurant, don't ask her personal or rude questions that might make her feel uncomfortable. Take charge and suggest a good bottle of wine or appetizer, but don't order her main entree for her! Lastly, give her sincere compliments, such as ...

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goodcop 56 M
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Listen   7/24/2004

If you are trying to get to know someone, the best way is to ask questions about them and most importantly, listen to the answere! don't just talk about yourself on the date. Goodluck!

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goodcop 56 M
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Your X   7/24/2004

If you are getting over your X boy/girlfriend, or remain close friends with them...whatever you do, don't talk about that person on your first date.... If they ask you about them, answer only briefly about your x, don't go on and on about your last relationship...and don't bring up the bad things about the other person. If it was bad, make it seem like a lesson learned and how you are ...

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goodcop 56 M
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Bring Gifts?   7/22/2004

some men are not sure if they should bring flowers or candy or whatever to a first date... most women like gifts, especially if you take the time to find out what they like, for example their favorite color rose. If you do bring something, don't make it too elaborate, just make it simple....maybe one rose on the first date. It makes a nice impression, without making you seem desperate ...

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goodcop 56 M
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what to do if you are not attracted to your internet date?   6/15/2004

you search the profiles on the dating site online, and find that photo that makes you go "click" to find out more about that send an email and to your delight, they respond. You have been chatting online for a few weeks, even exchanged a photo or two and now are talking on the phone and preparing to meet for the first time. It's the evening of the date, you are a bit ...

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Response to "the proper way of kissing"   12/1/2003

Kissing is an art. In order to achieve the art of the perfect kiss, you first need to know the difference between the types of kiss "soft", "hard", "sloppy", "wet". <br> (1)the "soft" kiss. The soft kiss is the type of kiss when the bottom or top of your lip is placed between her lips as if you are kissing the top or bottom of her lip. You should have a slightly open mouth when ...

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