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[center] *** PAZAWAY MEANS***

Pazaway does`nt care what other people think

Pazaways are cool people, stubborn and fight for what they believe!

Pasaway means being a unique individual.

Pasaway means you have your own world, just mind your own business...As long na wala kang sinasagasaan na tao okey lang...kaya nga tayo narito sa epep para mag-enjoy so why we need others to distruct us!

PAZAWAY ay DI MARUNONG MAGMAGALING! kasi MAGAGALING NA TAYO in the truest sense of the word! SPONTANEOUS tayo at nakikita yan sa mga postings natin!

"We are the PAZAWAYs" :)

"Speedingthreads Queen"


"Mr and Ms hottest 2007"

garingoII _SCHLMATE_

"Mr and Ms hottest 2008"

sogo_kita summer_breeze78

"Mr and Ms Gorgeuos"

TheRob62 awful63

"Mr and Ms Lovely"


"Star ng PG"








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