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Dorks Anonymous
This group is dedicated to the care, feeding and gratification of dorky individuals. The group description herein has just been revised to remove any possible reference to "personal contact information" ...I mean, seriously, I have no clue what the FFF Hamsters are referring to when they say they're denying DA because of the "inclusion of personal contact information in the group's description." But, hey, whatever floats their boat. I just deleted the previous description and hope this one gets through FFF's mysterious censorship procedures and inscrutable group denial messages. LOL.

Topic(s): Automobiles, Baseball Fans, Basketball Fans, Beer & Wine, Bowling, Buddhism, Catholicism, Christianity, Cycling, Dance/Music Clubs, Down At The Gym, Extreme Sports, Football Fan, Government & Politics, Hinduism, Hockey Fans, Islam, Jainism, Judaism, Massage, Men's Health Center, Pregnancy, Professional Women, Racing Drivers, Racing Fans, Recreation & Sports, Rock & Pop Music, Rugby, Runners' Club, Safe sex, Sailing, Scuba, Seasoned Professionals, Skiing, Soccer Fan, Spiritual, Surfing, Taoism, Tattoos, Tennis, Volleyball
Associate Moderators: mara_jade, zhalvajeg1rl

_Romeo 53M

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Are we ever going to be active again?mara_jade98  1  6/16/2009
Happy Birfday Lost Hot Babe!!!!_Romeo44  0  11/8/2008
Hang Over Corner_Romeo83  0  3/16/2008
NEWBIES!mara_jade655  0  9/30/2007
Drunkard's Corner....._Romeo716  1  7/5/2007
DORK TEST....... AGAIN!!!_Romeo1358  7  6/12/2007
Zhal's new will be....****************** 2008!flipman11435388  0  1/9/2008
Happy new year 2008!!flipman11435110  0  12/31/2007
Merry Christmas!!!!_Romeo54  1  12/25/2007
R.I.P.ace73287  0  12/14/2007
Blasts from the past...._Romeo86  0  11/3/2007
What should FGA's new handle be? suggestions, pleaseflipman1143586  0  10/25/2007
Happy Birthday to the bodaciously beautiful Red Lip Z... aka Belle!!!_Romeo54  0  10/5/2007
scaryace7379  1  10/1/2007
define...ace7388  0  9/18/2007
PI visitflipman11435108  0  9/4/2007
FGA, why didn't you tell me about our nation's capital?ssfbachelor86  1  8/23/2007
Nominations for next week's roasted member_Romeo70  0  8/12/2007
Fi GA Roast_Romeo56  0  8/12/2007
CALLING ALL DORKS...HE'S AT IT AGAIN!!flipman11435107  2  8/1/2007
snoggingace7399  1  7/24/2007
Post Coital Thread...._Romeo124  0  7/16/2007
The Dorkiest Thing I've Done This Year...ssfbachelor183  0  7/12/2007
who is...ace73269  6  7/11/2007
Deja Vu - is everyone back in DA like it was before?ssfbachelor330  14  7/6/2007
Searching for LIBby...ace7378  1  7/5/2007
DORK Refresher Courseace73382  3  7/4/2007
Happy Birthday Petey!mara_jade164  1  6/11/2007
sniff-trip down memory lane...ace73149  1  6/11/2007
Talk Therapyace7387  0  6/10/2007[View All]

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