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"Drawn from the Heart and Mind"
- to capture what is unsullied and ethereal and
- to convey in a manner filled with mirth and awe." ~ fantasiamore

We all have our leisures in life. In fact, we have all the time for it, when we have finally retired from work. When I retired, I would often get online and read stories and poems, done in the blogs. I took some inspirations from it, so I started my own writings, thinking that I can also do it in an amateur way and later on progress in time, to become this professional writer that I have had begun to dream about.

I put myself busy trying out my writing skills, at the same time keeping my mind active and thinking. It is said senility or dementia during one's senior years gets regressive when the mind is always kept at work. Initially, I started doing poems as inspired by my then existing loving relationship. What better and more impulse can drive one to write beautifully, as when someone is in love. Lines would flow as the feelings would show. Hence, I was able to compile as many verses, that somehow gave descriptions and pictured how my feelings were, at the time the verses were written. Somehow I was writing a journal of my everyday encounters, through the poems I was creating.

At first it was difficult to put the words and lines into rhymes. But as I caught the pace to do it right, it came easy and fun to do. The next chapter of my writing involved this photo writing adaptation that I tried doing. I would pick a photo online or from someone else's photography. I'd capture thoughts and ideas I found appropriate to describe said photo. Then put or develop these thoughts and ideas, as concrete, either by creating storylines from it or a poem out of it. I developed one short story but I found out prose or narrative is more difficult to produce than verses that can capture in a few words, most of what I think and would like to convey.

I find verse writing, a more challenging feat because situations can vary, from how the reader would perceive your message or thoughts in that poetry. Interpretations can variate from how you would have wanted your thoughts conveyed as how your reader will have perceived it.

Posted:Apr 10, 2018 12:18 am
Last Updated:Jun 16, 2018 2:00 am

There comes a time in our life, when we pause and reflect on how our life's been going. There are moments we despair because we believe that change or chance will never come back again. Yet, we keep hoping, a greater one will come by. Still, the faith is strong in us, no matter how many times we fail. We keep struggling and keep our balance ever.

Often, we utter these words, "it could have been." Why? Because we let go of a greater opportunity, which at that decisive time, weighed so little in its potential. We became shortsighted in our estimates. Though we go through this mistake, the lesson to learn is there and keeps us reasonably saner all the more.

I have been married for the past forty-four (44) years, albeit am not looking forward to celebrating a golden anniversary. Although I have personally considered myself separated and single, for more than two decades, my status does not change, am still classified as married. If divorce got allowed and annulment process came a lot easier in this country, getting unleashed from my marriage vow, would have made me single again. So probably I'd say, Ït could have been....a better life for me, wouldn't it be?

Posted:Apr 4, 2018 12:59 am
Last Updated:Apr 15, 2018 4:10 pm

These are two sets of parodox, religious communities will talk about.

Our physical being has its expiration. When any system or organ in the body no longer functions, that could mean eventual death, unless a miracle will happen and everything gets reversed. In our lives, as mortal beings, we die after living a certain number of years.

On the other hand when our physical being has expired, our spirits are said to live on forever. We encounter discussions about life after death, where one needs to die in order to have eternal life. This leads to perpetuity with our Creator accordingly.

There have been a lot of instances when a person who has died returns to life and will testify a paradise-like life on the other side. Whether we believe this or not, what matters is that fact that life will not stop at all. That we will only experience a transition from what is physical to something spiritual, from what is temporal to something perpetual.

Life is short we have to live it up. Die if we must, but life should be spent without any regrets. One must seize each moment. Remember what passes by will never return. So enjoy and have a fruitful life. I will not say let go of the hangs up but make sure you will not snap your fingers and say I should have.

Posted:Mar 28, 2018 7:36 pm
Last Updated:Apr 8, 2018 11:24 pm

It is said blogs are written to say what you have in mind. But without readers, who can read what you are thinking and react to it, how will that affect you? How will you know the truth in what you are thinking and saying?

Yes, reactions are very important to a blog writer. S/He gets enticed or challenged with the concepts in mind and somehow can get down to business, discussing the issues or topics further. Nothing as ending up in a debate though, but, knowing what others may have or need to say, as against or agreeing with you. This should then become a good impetus of getting to know each other more and discerning the character or personality of a person.

So it adds up to say that I blog because I am getting you to say something to me. There is no rule on decency saying that this method is improper or unethical?

Posted:Mar 27, 2018 5:57 pm
Last Updated:Apr 8, 2018 4:43 pm

No can be said ugly these days, referring to your physical and natural looks. The wonders of cosmetic surgery made ladies (and gentlemen, too) best looking with their arched and tattooed eyebrows, face and nose lift, raised chin bs, pouty lips, eyelash in-plants, deep-set eyes, skin whitening, botox injection to remove wrinkles, different body contours and what have yous. Good for you who can afford to have them, as any of these physical and surgical changes equate to a hundred thousand bucks in pesos. Even the so-called cosmetic creams and applications to enhance one's beauty will not be cheap. So whoa to the lady who has no to squander on these whims.

But there is no such thing as impossible even with the high price of getting beautiful, because can get to be very pretty with the recent make-up applications offered by different websites. The only problem is, everything gets to be virtual. Your dream face of Venus comes temporal and lasts while your filtered photos are posted. S/He will still have the natural look offline and when you get to meet the person body and flesh. So don't dream away as much..

Still there is the make-over d by salons and parlors. For a few hours, you can don the beauty of Grace Kelly or even Elizabeth Taylor. You can just hand it over to the experts to give you that fantasy.

So look at me now, don't I look very gorgeous in my photo?

Posted:Mar 19, 2018 5:32 pm
Last Updated:Mar 29, 2018 5:40 am

The past weekend made me traveling outside of town to two major site attractions, Philippines boasts of, namely: Baguio City and the Hundred Islands. It was not only a respite from my daily grind, but also a time to meet up with online friends making up a group, that I became part of, for almost 4 years now.

We call this group FOODIE, composed of those who love to cook and eat, thrives as a chef for a living, those who have studied culinary arts or simply those who are keepers of the house and kitchen, the mothers of a household. The leader of the gang, so to speak, I met on this site, once upon a time. She too, used to blog here. She used ''allofah,'' as her handle then.

What made us bond together, is not only our love for food, but our time getting to know each other more, online and off-line.

FOODIEMATES, as we are named, meet often to eat in restaurants, famed and newbies alike, to explore their versions of cooking. We become critics of the food we eat. We post daily photos of the meals we cook every day or eat outside, therefore showcasing what is known as food photography. We meet personally new members and for those we came to know already, we go for regular meet-ups. Members come from all parts of the country and those working and living abroad, as well. When any member comes home for a visit, that's an opportune time for them to meet many of us. They wouldn't want to miss that, of course.

It is quite apparent, that dating sites not only prosper because of finding mates for life, but it also draws people to become your real, close friends and who eventually, you can get attached to, for life.

It is fun to widen your circle of friends online, but only when you see a face to a name, can you trust any.

Would you like to be a Foodiemate, too?

Posted:Mar 11, 2018 6:53 pm
Last Updated:Mar 27, 2018 5:08 pm

With the onset of the Holy Week for Catholics by the end of March, it will be longer holidays for those working in our country, starting as early as Holy Wednesday and winding up either on Black Saturday or Easter Sunday. The occasion is given to relive the Passion and Death of Jesus Christ on the Cross.

Vacationing during these holidays or holy days, to term it appropriately means observing what the rites of the Catholic Church prescribe, although its followers are not compelled outright into practising them, such as doing the Way of the Cross, going to confession, attending the Washing of the Feet, observance of solemnity, fasting and abstinence through the days, etc..

For others and because the days will be considered this long spell or respite from work and its stresses, they would find the days, an opportune time to schedule a vacation outside of town with family or friends for their bonding moments and thrills. So they book for the beaches, resorts and hot escapade adventures, as it is summertime. But of course, most will have their observance of the holy week in their most modest way, like doing or attending the ''Visita Iglesia'' (church visits to 7 churches), listening at the church to the Last Seven Words, the ''Salubong'' or the procession march depicting the meeting of Mama Mary and her resurrected son, with Easter Mass, as the peak of all the activities, and leading to Easter Sunday, a time when the Easter egg hunting begins.

So the holy week is visioned as this retreat to solemnity and performance of Catholic activities on one hand and that joyful escapade adventures of fun and excitement, on the other.

All roads outside Metro Manila would be packed with vacationists during the holidays. It is a wise move to do the vacation early for the retirees and globetrotters or travelers. So I am doing that this week so I can do my truer observance of holy week . Am hieing off come Thursday this week, to the mountain city of Baguio and to the hot beaches of Hundred Islands. Doing it with online friends I have met at one social media site and who are my circle of close friends, presently..

How about you? Have you scheduled yours already?

Posted:Mar 9, 2018 10:49 pm
Last Updated:Mar 23, 2018 4:12 am

There are a lot of tasks, that I fondly and look forward to doing during my younger years. But most of these traditions are sort of obsolete and considered passe these days. Let me give you an example.

I love writing poems and scribbling them in cards, then using the post mail to send them. I also like receiving love letters from the mail and gifts delivered to my home address, like flowers, boxes of chocolates and candies. This face to face conversation with friends, done with a social visit, is something to look forward to during my time.

Technology has taken away so many things that used to be. I am safe to say that we do things impersonally now. There is the cellphone and laptop that will execute our communications or messaging immediately, vividly and briefly, in place of writing and mailing a letter or doing a social visit.

The presence of convenient ways and means has made life less complicated for us. With the internet and its available search engines, the need for information on hand is made accessible, in lieu of spending long hours in libraries and scouring through sets of encyclopedia, manuals, newspapers and the likes. The facility allows with ease securing information, at the least possible time.

With the appearance of electronic items and appliances, manual labor is lessened and becomes less time consuming. Consider the dishwasher, that eliminates manual contact in washing your sets of dinner wares, thus making everything as hygienic. With an electronic washing machine, washing, rinsing, hanging, drying of clothes are done more systematically. Who would need the sun, to dry the washed clothes, since you can just hang them dry. The convection type of cooking has minimized if not eliminated accidents of scalding one's hand.

Sadly the folks of yore days, find it difficult to adjust themselves to such improvements, because they lack the knowledge and orientation of doing what is conventional now. The past high school reunion that I had attended revealed some in my high school batch, who do not use what we call smartphones, hence making communications with them limited or none at all. These folks are not attuned to a fast-paced mode of living, typical of today. So they are left out.

I believe one has to go out of his shell to learn and adapt to what is new and to the changes around him; that what used to be should be replaced by what should be going on right now.

So what have you been doing?

Posted:Feb 26, 2018 11:26 pm
Last Updated:Mar 12, 2018 4:00 am

Our high hool batch golden anniversary celebration just ended. So I'd like to share my happy and fun-filled experiences during those days that passed.

The opening day was an afternoon registration in a 5-star hotel restaurant near the international airport in Manila, so you could say we stated off posh and with a bang. There were almost hundred to meet and greet so to speak, from the girls sections and our boys' counterpart sections. The girls composed the morning hedule and the boys, the afternoon session. No, we were not combined or what you can a co-ed hool at that time.

My section (both from the girls and boys) made up the largest contingency. The uniting factor was the combined efforts of of every in locating the whereabouts of our batch mates, here and abroad. I worked in tandem with in New Jersey who used Facebook as her search engine and other engines based in USA. As a result we were able to recruit about (7) graduates from our class, to attend the heduled activities. It was a first time communication with these 7 individuals.

Awards during the night can be said humorous and exciting. It was nothing academic or about milest achievements. It was more on the nifty personal accomplishments, say: who stayed single throughout the (5) decades after high hool; who are the girlfriend/boyfriend couple who ended up marrying and staying together to claim there is forever in a relationship; the person who has had married more than once and can be given the debonaire title; the graduate who has the most number of grandchildren (which i won with a current number of 14 grandchildren) and the graduate who didn't undergo a big transformation, with her baby-face.

The gala night you might equate to glitter and glamour. Every came in their best formal wear, regale and dashing robes donned with a Filipiniana motiff, in sparkling hues and styles. We occupied the Grand Ballroom of Marriott Hotel in SRO. This time we hit the hundred ty (260) attendees, as some had arrived with their spouses. Our entertainers for the night were famous balladeers, Basil Valdez and Jose Mari Chan with Giselle Sanchez as the emcee. The door prizes raffled off for the night were blood pressure monitors, bottle of glucosamine tablets, gift certificates and entrance tickets to the Grand Alumni Homecoming of our university. There were presentations from the different groups who came from abroad, all wearing their chosen costumes to match their numbers.

A lot of trips outside town got heduled day-after-day which made bonding and camaraderie stronger and more cohesive. of them was the day trip/overnight stay at Pico de Loro in Batangas as hosted by a generous and gracious batch mate. Every food and activity during that time was tremendously satisfying. To cap the night a luau was held with singers and poi dancers, to entertain everybody.

The trouble with hello is goodbye, as what Sergio Mendez said in the song. So after brushing elbows with every who came for the golden reunion, what remains are momentos that get added to the treasure box, with memories kept and photos set in folders. The fun and happiness etched forever in our minds and hearts, as we look forward to another reunion, after again another (5) . Question is, will I get to see the same faces once more.

Posted:Feb 22, 2018 7:58 pm
Last Updated:Feb 26, 2018 3:50 am
This is about women's fears on dwindling faculties upon reaching the age of fifty (50) . A time when most women fret much about their appearances, like how to control or minimize wrinkles, how to deal with sagging skin and eye bags. In short, how to look younger again. There are a lot to think and question about and of them is, "would i be able to earn enough by now, to last me during my retirement or when i get il?" Although there is a husband to take care of that, it is better off having one's to work with and spend for one's needs.

Reaching 50 old is this event a woman fusses much about. They act and feel that they are about to face a cataclysm. A question in mind is that of being able to continue working or return to work after a sabbatical leave that required a long absence from work because family needs and chores must be a priority. What about one's finances? A simple rule to follow is to build on that retirement funds, don't forget the amenities for yourself. Another prudent decision besides making sound financial decisions, is to maintain and keep your health. The future is too volatile to trust that everything will go right. When it doesn't make sure you are not caught unprepared and unstable.

Are you ready?

Posted:Feb 6, 2018 4:06 am
Last Updated:Mar 8, 2018 3:56 am

"Am all out of love
Am so lost without you!"

Familiar lines that we oftener hear from a song that is sang or played.

After getting broken-hearted, do we ever shun away from love? We try hard to avoid it. But most times, it's only a matter of words when we do. Do we ever say never again? Remember, there is always love in the air, beyond a sweetheart, hy, darling and whatever you can any close to your heart.

It's now February, the love month. Some will try hard overnight to fall in love before Valentine's day, That is the way to enjoy their February 14. But for those without some to share their love with, you can just think of Valentine's day as this -day happening. Nothing stupendous! In fact, Valentine's day has become too commercialized these days. Besides, you can always make your own occasion of monthsary and anniversary to celebrate a loving relationship, if ever.

Would you believe that's the way to sour grape because Cupid didn't do his job well for you?

There is no remedy to love but to love more - Henry David Thoreau



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