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My Blog

Welcome to my blog!

Posted:May 9, 2006 9:53 pm
Last Updated:Apr 21, 2009 9:48 am
Have you ever love someone, that in return loves you back I was asking this, for i wanted to know if anyone has a the same situation with me. But as i was heard too much is bad daw... Hindi daw dapat bigay mo lahat dahil sakit ang syang kapalit.

I been in love many times in my life, that in return it was pain and love me back in return too late. Yes, we dont have to expect too much that in return give me back what i give, for freely we give love to whom our heart fall. Kaso lang, hindi maiwasan, sometimes kasi i always give and give without thinking ano ang kalabasan ng lahat na nagawa at naibigay ko. Alam ko naman hindi dapat maghintay ng ano mang kapalit, but it's unfair kasi, may karapatan din naman akong mahalin nila pero hindi pa rin nila magawa. I know i don't have to force anyone to love me back, but its hurt to know bigay ako ng bigay pero hanggang doon lang pala 'yon, after wala din pala.

It was just really happen that i love too much, i don't even know i forgot to love myself as i do to others. But i was just thinking if this is love i really felt. As i was i heard, you can just love others if you dont love yourself; you can't just love yourself if you don't love God the giver of life. And most of all you can't say i love you for you will be liar if you don't really that true love in our hearts. Pero bakit ganon, puso ko naman ang nagsasabi na mahal ko ang minamahal ko. Ayaw kong maging sinungaling, pero ito talaga ang nararamdaman ko at wala mang sino ang makapipigil sa nararamdaman kung ito.

Sana may araw din na magising ako sa katotohanan... that "TOO MUCH IS BAD". Hiling ko lang sa inyo sana hindi tayo maging maramot, dahil baka sa mga araw na darating hindilahat ay atin, may araw din na kung anong ginawa natin sa iba ay siya ding babalik sa atin......
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A Love Overseas
Posted:Mar 5, 2006 12:18 pm
Last Updated:Apr 21, 2009 9:48 am
I realize now what we've started, a love that was meant to be, a dream never thought to become true, but why the distance overseas?
The thought of you strengthens my breath makes my heart beat every second of the hour.

The energy you gives makes me re-live moments full of laughter.
I never thought I'd fall this way for someone such as you,
I never thought I'd cherish a girl as beautiful young and true.
I wanna get to know you for who you really are not what the outsides worth, but the precious inside star.
To have been able to meet you in an unusual way to be able to love in a most curious way.
This kind of strength comes from within defeating all obstacles and riding to the end.
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When we met my heart
Posted:Mar 5, 2006 11:55 am
Last Updated:May 10, 2006 10:25 pm
When we met my heart was broken
I had locked it up and threw away the key
but then you came along and somehow managed to pry it open
I promised myself that I would never love again,

because I always end up with a broken heart.
At first I thought you was just a charmer
feelin my head full of lies
so I pushed you away,again and again
but you kept coming back
I tried not to think about you
but you were always on my mind
I tried to avoid you
but you were always there
I tried to fight my feelings
but every time I looked at you I fell
then I realized I couldn't fight it any more
your love for me was too strong, I could not defeat it
your love has won, my heart is open for you
Heart vs.Mind
Posted:Mar 5, 2006 11:31 am
Last Updated:Mar 5, 2006 9:28 pm
You and I have both have
had a rough time with love lately
We agreed together to give up
On love and to wait and

let it find us
But I think it has found us
In each others hearts
Should we take the chance
I want to I really do
My friends don’t approve
They don’t even know you not
Like I know you
What do you when your heart
is against your mind
I cant explain
Posted:Mar 5, 2006 11:20 am
Last Updated:Apr 21, 2009 9:49 am
Words cant explain
The way I feel about you
Because you are my life
And this is true

I would die for you
or do whatever you want
cause I for one
think we belong

If were not meant to be together
we would not have found
our way back to each other
So thats what I think we belong
Confused minds
Posted:Mar 5, 2006 11:06 am
Last Updated:Apr 21, 2009 9:50 am
Two hearts,
One mind,
Another world,
Another time,

A love for morning,
A lust for night,
Temptation to resist,
Temptation to fight
A choice to be made,
A heart to be broken,
A dream to be shattered
A life less spoken
To me, you mean more than myself
Posted:Mar 5, 2006 10:57 am
Last Updated:Mar 5, 2006 9:28 pm
When we love someone special,
we give it all we have,
As we give all, we lose ourselves,
then there would no longer be an "I', a "ME" or "MINE"

But in its place, there shall be an "US", a "WE"
and most importantly, a "YOU"...

And so, the more we love,
the more we lose ourselves,
Our own happiness doesn't matter much,
as even if pain sets in,
For as long as we see the happiness in her (him) we love,
It is all we ask for...we rest, in pain, but joyful that we succeeded...

And so to me, you are everything, you mean more than my own life,
Because..."YOU ARE MY LIFE"

love is like an invisible angel
Posted:Aug 3, 2005 8:08 pm
Last Updated:Mar 5, 2006 9:28 pm
Apart of you dies when love disappears...
Apart of you is gone,it is hard to love without fear...
The pain keeps repeating as well as the tears...
It tears you up inside to be all alone...

Just to know it feels as bad as the fall of Rome...
The day love stops is the day you feel like your going to drop...
Without a second thought...
Dont be stupid and think your cupid...
Just realize that love is truley from above!
* Sometimes *
Posted:Aug 3, 2005 8:02 pm
Last Updated:Mar 5, 2006 9:28 pm
Sometimes i wish you saw the real me
Not the one dat you want me to be
I want you to know how i feel
Do you think our love could be real

Im just sick of trying to be something im not
Baby please just give me another shot
I have alot of feelings dat i hide
I keep them trapped up inside
i remember that one time u was pissed
it got me so nervous,that i ended up cuttin my wrist
Do you see what you doin to me
why are you doing this , im hurtin inside dont u see?
when your with your friends im in second place
i didnt know bein ur gurl had to be a race
I just want you to love me how i love you
please tell me dat you love me too!
If tomorrow never comes
Posted:Aug 3, 2005 1:09 am
Last Updated:Mar 5, 2006 9:28 pm
Sometimes late at night
I lie awake and watch her sleeping
She’s lost in peaceful dreams
So I turn out the lights and lay there in the dark

And the thought crosses my mind
If I never wake up in the morning
Would she ever doubt the way I feel
About her in my heart


If tomorrow never comes
Will she know how much I loved her
Did I try in every way to show her every day
That she’s my only one
And if my time on earth were through
And she must face the world without me
Is the love I gave her in the past
Gonna be enough to last
If tomorrow never comes
’cause I’ve lost loved ones in my life
Who never knew how much I loved them
Now I live with the regret
That my true feelings for them never were revealed
So I made a promise to myself
To say each day how much she means to me
And avoid that circumstance
Where there’s no second chance to tell her how I feel


So tell that someone that you love
Just what you’re thinking of
If tomorrow never comes

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