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drunken_angel 33F
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5/2/2005 1:09 am

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3/5/2006 9:28 pm

Chasing Rainbows

< i was supposed to do this a bit earlier anyway >

Ever tried to chase a rainbow? Have you ever found yourself under one? Or have you just given up on it, and contented yourself with just watching it appear for a few seconds, maybe a full minute, and watch it disappear?

In terms of love and all of its apparent discontents, I can never seem to express myself adequately. Not because I'm scared to, or because I refuse to try, but because I can't. People always seem to talk about getting wounded beyond their limits, about experiences that seem to test their mettle, but I wouldn't stoop as low as to give a reason like that. Maybe it's because I couldn't bear to breathe the scent of a thousand Cupids fluttering about in a sea of love, or maybe because I've just been sapped to the bones and I am incapable of loving somebody ever again.

Truth is, I just couldn't bear saying "arrivederci."

To say goodbye is real easy, especially when you couple it with a few choice four-letter invectives and a jerk of the middle finger. True, to say a few sarcastic goodbye's while burying your boot deep in one's behind is easier than, say, 1+1, but a sincere, heartfelt goodbye is very, very difficult. Considering the silence that has been echoing through the abyss, still haunting you with that loud symphony of nothing.

So here I am, content with just watching rainbows form over the horizon. No drama, no comedy, no action, no nothing. Not a word spoken. Not a single text message, Friendster message, or even the slightest e-mail message. Not the simplest visage of a rainbow after all this rain had ended...

The storm clouds still brew on over the horizon. I'm ready for the rain... if that's what it takes to chase a rainbow.