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drunken_angel 33F
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4/29/2005 4:00 pm

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3/5/2006 9:28 pm

Am I a bit emotional?

I wonder if I'm bound by the rules of chance. Destiny is something I don't believe in. I never was a believer in pre-ordered states of affairs, where there's a reason for everything. Now it's different. God is a kid in the arcade whacking moles, and why I even come up is something I couldn't explain. I don't even know if I'm too far gone to even go. Just leave the tables. I've won it all... except for one.

Time is the worst healer, like alcohol doused over a gaping wound... sandpapered, rubbed, dipped in hot water and drowned in a vat of bile. I need to be a bit more descriptive. It's high time I took my own heart out of my chest, throw it away, and see just how much I like it. I already did. Here I am, a woman without a heart, rolling the dice and turning the cards. For what reason? There's nothing more frustrating in life than to realize and recognize reasons and destiny... and see it all fade away. When you've seen the sunset you realize you can never get to see it in time. It's lost forever.

There's no worse feeling in the world.

Am I a bit too emotional? Maybe. It just hurts too much.-- May

borninabarn 55M
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4/30/2005 4:31 pm

Every thing will ok i see the sunshine in your eyes friend the sun is coming up soon for you i can feel this cheers kurt

[You can do whatever you dream of doing in life]

drunken_angel 33F
430 posts
5/1/2005 3:39 pm

borninabarn - I know... and your'e right.. everything will be ok. hopefully. Let's keep our fingers crossed... lol

bayne30 - I wish I know, only If I know, I have probably been healed by now. If I know, I'll surely share it to you...but... we cannot move time, time moves in its own, not unless you move the hands of your clocks..but I won't help us to change the day.

peace out!