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maybe.. who knows....   2/15/2005

A new year had dawned, a sign of a new beginning. Wishes to be prayed for and hoping everything will be granted. <br> Just like any ordinary human being, I still have this need to be fulfilled. <br> I have to open my heart anew and learn to love someone again. <br> It will take quite a long time for me this time to really move on. <br> The ...

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how???   2/15/2005

What is love??? It has been one puzzling word right from the start. I dont know where it really starts and where it ends. <br> I am at the crossroads right now of healing and letting go. The pain becomes untolerable that is the reason why I am finding it hard to move on. <br> I know right from the start, it was going nowhere, but I still clung to the idea ...

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learn to love again...   2/15/2005

As I embark on another journey this time the stage of healing. I just want to realize one thing or two, I have to accept openly that he can never be mine. <br> After everything that had happened, it would be best to adopt the Socratic way; HEAL THYSELF. <br> I have been past hurts and resentments, but I still cant find forgiveness in my heart maybe someday, I ...

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sunshine8 51 F
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IS THIS LOVE???   2/13/2005

As i listen to the radio.. There was a song who really hit me... Then I asked myself... Is this LOve or because i only need him... <br> Need support me in any ways.. Need him...a shoulder to cry on Need Him....financially Need i can have a roof to stay Need boost my ego <br> I think i have mistaken love to needing him..why i can't ...

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sunshine8 51 F
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Valentine gift   2/12/2005

It's another special day for lovers It's another day to celebrate It's another day of giving gifts <br> Valentine.... As i looked around.. I saw lovers, holding hands..hugging..kissing, caressing each other They dine, They exchange gift <br> But for me... It doesn't if we dont go out because we don't enough money to spend.. It doesn't matter if you don't ...

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If only you could be me for a moment...   2/12/2005

Sometimes I wish you could step on my shoes just for a little while- to think what i think; to see what i see; to feel what i feel; to understand the confusion, the fear, the admiration, and the friendship i feel towards you- all at once. <br> If you were able to live inside my mind, even for a moment, you would see that my world is filled with so many ...

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nothing more...   2/11/2005

Life can be more meaningful if you can be strong enough to pick up broken pieces in your life. The dream of loving someone wholeheartedly and being loved in return was shattered. Anger took place which I cant fathom. Thought I know the person well, I believed in all lies, each and every sweet words uttered. I relied too much on emotions, of loving you too much to the core ...

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dont wanna...   2/11/2005

How can you find in your heart to forgive a person who have caused you so much pain??? <br> Let time heal all wounds as they say, but with everything that I have known and heard this several days and so. <br> It had triggered something in me, ready to burst out anytime of the day. <br> The anger hidden so well is becoming transparent day by ...

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blissful life....   2/11/2005

I have crossed this path a lot of times but sad to say havent learned my lesson well. <br> Maybe emotions rule over the logic and it simply became uncontrollable. <br> The more I hurt, the more I am challenged to overcome this weakness I have for quite some time. <br> Gone will be the romantic illusions that everything will be a bed of ...

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a novelty...   2/11/2005

People come and go as we try to realize who are true and who are just being true. <br> As I grow older, I have had the chance to meet and know all kinds of people. <br> You simply cant stay nice forever. There will always be a hidden anger inside of you waiting to burst out any minute of the day. <br> The need to show your anger of the pain being ...

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let me wallow in pain...   2/11/2005

We used to be the best of friends but right now, I just dont know you anymore. <br> This whole week had been a nightmare, as I have been trying to figure out what had went wrong. <br> I just wanna have my old boring but peaceful life back again. <br> The only regret I ever had was trying to cherish the friendship which I thought was a ...

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a nightmare...   2/11/2005

It has been a hellish week so to speak. I have been surrounded by ugly rumours against you. People, left and right have been sending me pathetic remarks about you. <br> Empathizing with the outcome or trying to understand the situation superficially. <br> I just dont give a damn to anything said, coz I know what is true. <br> What the heck, if I ...

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LIFE...   2/7/2005

Maybe there is truth in the saying, that adding years to our age means making us wiser and hopefully riper to deal with LIFE. <br> All the things that have happened last year up to last month can be described as riding in a roller-coaster so high... <br> It became a little bit nauseating and there were several times that I just want to quit the ...

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i understand...   2/7/2005

For all those honest talks we have, they will always stay in one part of my brain. <br> I dont want to hear all those ugly rumours or things said against you. <br> My instinct tells me differently, I know you too well more than others who are just there to destroy you. <br> You have your reasons, You have your weaknesses, just like an ordinary human ...

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the admiration...   2/7/2005

Everyday I learned a new thing or two about you. Most of which were hurting and deafening to my sensitive ears. I didnt dare to know you well when I was just dating you. Coz it was part of the plan to know the real you. <br> The talks have grown wild, rumours started, snide remarks exchanged, but then I ignored them all, there is still this respect that you ...

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sunshine8 51 F
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Watching YOu   2/6/2005

As i watch you sleeping beside me, i keep on wondering why and how i love you so much my dear. As i touch your face while you were sleeping I feel that i really do care about you As i touch your hand.. I was thinking that i don't want to let you As i embrace you while sleeping... I was telling myself that i really love you. <br> How could i possibly sleep without you by ...

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true love...   2/5/2005

It is not meant to be, the relationship that was, the beauty of friendship will always stay but it wouldnt be the same. <br> The pain will always remain in my heart, but now the time has come to forget about the hurtful past but try to foresee a good future. <br> I may not be a believer in fairy tales, I dont want to delve on illusions. <br> ...

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have moved on...   2/5/2005

It has been a big discovery yesterday. All my friends were there in full blast to share that day with me. <br> It has been one whole month after the break-up and they just wanna make sure I am doing fine. <br> Yes, I have been hearing lectures left and right especially from my dearest friend. <br> But I have been humble enough to admit the ...

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odette317 48 F
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For My Long Time Friend   2/4/2005

You were there when things were at its lowest. You were there when life was dark and full of clouds. You are still there now that it has shone bright and sunny. I thank you for always being there. I thank you for your presence. Without you life won't be the same, for you are now a part of it. I Love You Friend. (", )

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odette317 48 F
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YOU ....   2/4/2005

You, give me reasons to live. You, make my life worthwhile. You, are the light in darkened world. You, bring so much happiness in me. You, are the one I hope for. You, are the one I LOVE. Please always be there for me.

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Break Me   2/4/2005

you think i'm shallow, that im just one of them but look deeper than what your eyes can see, uncover me <br> listen to the weeping swallowed by my endless laughs <br> feel the pain behind my smiles <br> you think i'm too strong, that i am unfeeling but listen to me, hear my story know me <br> discover the fragments that lie beneath the ...

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Mesmerize   2/4/2005

The glimmer of nature began to be part of my head, Alas!The stars sparkled as I ponder here in my bed Could this be the magic of the intent of love? That the only path I can take is to reach above... <br> Above where I can reach our searching love's beauty, the love that can move mountains to the deepest seas Above, in the midst of an unending journey, in which our trembling ...

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I'm Sorry If I Care 4 u so much...   2/4/2005

I’m sorry if I care for you so much I’m sorry if everyday of my week it’s your little attention I seek I’m sorry if I cry tears I can’t stop or Hold on to memories I can’t forget I’m sorry if I write poetry or letters or songs Thinking that it would somehow reach your soul <br> Even just your soul <br> I’m ...

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I'm Sorry If I Care 4 u so much...   2/4/2005

I’m sorry if I care for you so much I’m sorry if everyday of my week it’s your little attention I seek I’m sorry if I cry tears I can’t stop or Hold on to memories I can’t forget I’m sorry if I write poetry or letters or songs Thinking that it would somehow reach your soul <br> Even just your soul <br> I’m ...

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to be whole....   2/1/2005

Friend, I know right now, you are in pain. Emotional pain that I can understand. <br> I know how much you have sacrificed to just make your family whole again. <br> But there must be a reason why despite of all the efforts, your dream became futile. <br> I know you are strong, and that you can survive this biggest ordeal in your life. ...

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enough is enough...   2/1/2005

There are times, I want to ask you, why your eyes seem sad. Are they full of regrets of hurting my heart? <br> I try to control my growing curiosity, since it wouldnt do any good coz I am not going back to you anymore. <br> Those questions will remain unanswered, and my curiosity will be stopped. <br> How can I move on with my life? If I ...

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the price of loving and hurting...   2/1/2005

If I could bring back all those carefree times, when I am feeling so sure of myself and enjoying every moment of life. <br> Without a care of whom to love or hate but just going with the flow wherever life will bring you. <br> Those times, you have met different people from all walks of life. <br> Some were real, some were not. Some loved ...

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at a standstill...   2/1/2005

Life has been placed in a humdrum nowadays... I am trying to figure out what to do next in my life. So unused to planning ahead, the visions for tomorrow remain at a standstill. <br> I am grateful to have my friends in full blast.. ready to understand the lunacy and moodiness in me. <br> Maybe, I would just want to take a short respite especially where ...

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springsiren 40 F
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Heaven   1/30/2005

Think of ... <br> Stepping on shore, and finding it heaven! Of taking hold of a hand, and finding it God's hand. Of breathing a new air, and finding it celestial air. Of passing from a storm to tempest to an unbroken calm. Of waking up, and finding it HOME...

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springsiren 40 F
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His Eye On The Sparrow   1/30/2005

Whenever I am tempted, Whenever clouds arise, When song gives place to sighing, When hope within me dies, I draw closer to Him, From care, He sets me free... For His eye is on the sparrow, And I know He watches me.

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balik chatroom...   1/27/2005

Balik chatroom ako, regular chatter na naman, magandang therapy sa isang broken-hearted na tulad ko. <br> Ayan medyo praning pa rin, pero magaling na naman mang-asar... <br> Nandiyan pa rin ang curiosity makameet ng iba't-ibang klaseng tao. May players, may liars, may mga honest rin. <br> Kakaiba talaga ang feeling na medyo ok na rin ang pakiramdam ...

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a big lesson...   1/27/2005

In moments of solitude, I try to assess my life. I have been in and out of troubling and conflicting relationships. <br> I have been attracted to insecured and immature men. Hoping that in my own way, I can change them to better people. <br> With every frustration, every disappointment, every failure. <br> I try to evaluate, where did I go ...

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GOODBYE.. THE CYNIC...   1/27/2005

There will come a time that everything will be back to the way it was. I have to really try to move on with my life. Take interest on new things to come. <br> The pain of loving you will always remain, but it will also serve as a catharsis to start a new page in my BOOK OF LIFE. <br> There will be a renewed vigor to explore different horizons. ...

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Sadyang hanggang dito na lamang...   1/27/2005

Unti-unti na ring nakakabangon sa pait at hapdi na naramdaman ng simula kitang minahal at ibigin. <br> Alam ko ang mapait na katotohanan na kahit kailanman ay di na maibabalik pa ang dating pagtitinginan. <br> Masakit mang tanggapin ay wala na rin akong magagawa pa. Pagod na ring umasa at pagod na ring mangarap na baka sakali may pagbabago pang ...

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on the road to recovery...   1/17/2005

I could say I am on my way towards healing. The Friendship still continues sweeter and better than ever. <br> There is the acceptance that we can never be more than friends and it is better to stay this way. <br> At least, we let reality sets in before it was too late for us to realize that the love we have for each other is going nowhere. <br> ...

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life has to go on...   1/17/2005

It has been nice to know that a lot of people really care about what i have been going through for these two weeks or so. <br> It has not been that easy to deal with a broken heart especially for a person you have hold dear to your heart for so long. <br> But then, as they say, life has to move on and go on, as you try to make a new start. <br> ...

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magkaibigan pa rin...   1/17/2005

Dumating na rin ang panahon unti-unting nahihilom na rin ang mga sugat na akala ko ay wala nang katapusan. <br> Nakakatawang isipin na hanggang ngayon wala rin namang nabago dahil nananatili ang ating pagiging magkaibigan. <br> Magkaibigan.. diyan tayo nagsimula diyan rin tayo nagkakilala ng lubos. Ang pagkakaroon ng mas malalim na relasyon sa pagitan ...

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those moments...   1/17/2005

We have all those good times shared and they will simply remain unforgettable. <br> We also have those trying times together when we thought there were no solutions to every problem we have encountered. <br> We have all those normal moments that all we did was just to snuggle and talk. <br> Life with you had been one roller-coaster ride. ...

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i miss you...   1/17/2005

Those long talks, those endless laughters, those inane quips and those insane tidbits. <br> I will surely miss them all. <br> You have a way of showing affection, you taught me the real essence of what true loving is. <br> I will surely miss them all. <br> Those trying times where we thought everything was happening too fast. We were ...

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PAIN   1/14/2005

Tonight will be just another night of misery I'll walk in the same path, with burdens to carry Been doing this since I have gone nowhere It's when the time I'd seek you but you're not there <br> I will be going places again, I need isolation I'll be seeing faces, so different from mine Theirs are of picture of joy and contentment My own, is a mask of sorrow, can't be ...

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here we go again....   1/14/2005

In the midst of trying to move on with my life, I am just thankful for the endless support friends have shown me these past several days. I know I couldnt make it entirely on my own. Coz those close to me can attest to the fact how I really love the guy. But then life has to go on, needs to bounce back to what should life be in the first place and that is learning its ...

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to sallie:   1/14/2005

Sallie, my friend it has been an enriching experience talking to you for the first time at the YM. Never have I met a person so open with her views and with her life. Never have I met a person so candid with what she wants to say and never hides. Vivian is so lucky to have met and love you. Now I know the reason why. Thanks for the trust and encouragement maybe there ...

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the best of friends...   1/14/2005

Is this goodbye? my lovable cynic, i have to move on but i am not closing my doors. Who knows one day, you will just knock the 2nd time around in my heart. <br> Whatever I have written on that letter are all true. Those words were not just words alone, but what I really feel for you. <br> I cant stay bitter or even angry coz I understand you more ...

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this ordeal...   1/14/2005

How can I erase that last moment from my memory? It has been etched deeply both in my heart and in my mind. <br> What made you different from the rest? What made me love you more? Those two questions keep on confusing me, making it too difficult to move on with my life. <br> I pray that one day, just like in the past, I can bounce back and be ...

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is this goodbye???   1/14/2005

Let the pain remain as the song says it all. Dont force yourself to be strong if you still cant let go. Let time heal all wounds of loving and trusting too much. Who knows in the end, realization sinks in that he is not worthy of your love after all. <br> Take it slow this time, remain hopeful that you can really surpass this ordeal. Just like other past ...

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back to friends....   1/14/2005

Where do we go from here? Back to square one the friendship stage. Well it better be than nothing at all. <br> We have been good friends before we tried to go deeper and as we try to realize we are more comfortable as friends. <br> No demands, no commitment and no expectations. We are and will always be there for each other. <br> My ...

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kiethley 35 F
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Marriage Joins Two People In The Circle Of It's Love   1/11/2005

Marriage is a commitment to life, the best that two people can find and bring out in each other. It offers opportunities for sharing and growth that no other relationship can equal. It is a physical and an emotional joining that is promised for a lifetime. <br> Within the circle of its love, marriage encompasses all of life's most important relationships. A wife and a ...

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a nice experience...   1/6/2005

It has been a nice experience to be able to let you know how I felt about you. Our friendship will stay as we try to heal the wounds together from the relationship. We have had those good and bad times shared But it should be best to remain as friends. <br> <br> 1/6/05

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come what may...   1/6/2005

In more ways than one I have tried to understand and accept you at the expense of my personal happiness. But then came a time, reality sets in, I was loving too much beyond that is required. Now that we are going on separate ways, I know it will take time to let the wounds be healed, but I am preparing myself to move on, come what may. <br> 1/06/05

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thank you...   1/6/2005

Thank you for all those times I can lean on you when I am feeling weak. For the friendship that had been so sincere and so deep. Thank you for the love we have shared for each other, I will never regret any moment. Thank you for just being you, my lovable cynic... it is time for us to part ways we both know the reasons why. One day, I know the right time will come, ...

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goodbye   1/6/2005

Goodbye, my lovable cynic some good things never really last, I just hope one day you will find that happiness you are looking for, and I hope there is one down there who can understand you more, who can accept you more, and who can love you more than me. I just wish that one day I can see the smile again, I can hear the sweet laughter again and most of all the ...

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somewhere down the road...   1/6/2005

It has been nice knowing a person like you. I dont know if there is somebody who can replace you in my heart. You possess almost all the qualities I have wanted in a man. We had the right love at the wrong time. Just like the song, SOMEWHERE DOWN THE ROAD, maybe, who knows maybe in the end, our paths will cross again, and it will be different if that time comes. For ...

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soul_language08 40 F
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Sincerely In Love With Only You   1/4/2005

Don’t think that I have fallen out of love with you, Don’t ever conclude that I have another cynosure; Don’t try to assume that you are nothing to me, Because in reality I still do love you, sweetheart. <br> <br> When I told you my heart belongs to you, it’s really true, When I mentioned you are very significant I mean it, hon; When I ...

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soul_language08 40 F
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A Poem For 'Bridge' of Hong Kong   1/4/2005

I was attracted to the magazine until I saw her handle, Being one of the newest contributors I sent her a message; Glad that she responded and we made a connection, We are now internet comrades, e-mail buddies at last. <br> "Musicofthesoul" is her byline which rhymes my name, We click right away, almost same age and very friendly; I hope that my decision to register on this site, ...

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soul_language08 40 F
38  Articles
You Are My World   1/3/2005

I told you before just how much I do love you, babes, I knew you believed that’s why we have a great affair going on; It’s been a long time since I revealed how much I care, And through this poetry let me say it again to you, my love. <br> At the lowest ebb of my life, you came along unannounced, And I don’t know what’s in me to deserve you, my baby; ...

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soul_language08 40 F
38  Articles
I Am Nothing Without You   1/2/2005

(Original poem) <br> I was feeling down and out the time I met you, You were heart broken, mine was severely injured; We became the best of friends after several communications, And in an instant, my baby, I fell in love with you. <br> You were so aloof I might hurt you like they did, You were a bit afraid to try me on your own; I could feel the apprehension, you have ...

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soul_language08 40 F
38  Articles
Nagngangalit Na Daigdig   1/2/2005

Maraming kaligaligan ang nagaganap ngayon sa mundo, Lindol, kalamidad, bagyo at tsunami o mala-higanteng alon; Kahit saan tayo makarating hindi tayo puwedeng magtago, Sa nagngangalit na kalikasan, sa mga pangyayaring isinaad ng panahon. <br> Sino nga ba ang dapat sisihin sa mga pangyayari, Tao ba na di nakinig sa mga tagubilin ng Diyos? O ang Panginoon na tila ba naging ...

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someday...   1/2/2005

Someday, I hope I will have the chance to know you more. Let me love you the best way I can. There are times when you confuse me more than anything. One day I hope I can get the answers right, and maybe who knows? I can love you more. <br> 01/02/05

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soul_language08 40 F
38  Articles
I Miss You, Mom   1/2/2005

I'm sorry, mom, if in the past I never listened to you, If for instance I was a bit of a rebel who never gave in; I was just hurt when I lost a dear friend I trusted, That made me stay away from a bunch of people. <br> I thought you never loved me so I stopped being showy, But deep down in me I love you for you are my mother; You are now in the Philippines while I am still in ...

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when i met you...   1/2/2005

When I met you, never thought you will be the most complicated man to know. There is a kind of mystique that nobody dares to decipher, you hide it so well. Bounded by insecurities and past hurts. It had been difficult for you to simply live for the moment and think of happy thoughts. But who knows the time has come for you to change. Let me enter inside your heart ...

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soul_language08 40 F
38  Articles
Parang Totoo'ng Panaginip   1/2/2005

Hinihingal ako at tila ba namamangha pa sa namasdan, Inaarok kung totoo ba ang nakita o kathang-isip lamang; At nang mahimasmasan ako'y napagkuro ko na ang lahat, Ay bunga lamang ng pangarap sa sinundang gabi 'nyaring buhay. <br> Para bang totoong nangyari ang mga nakita ko sa panaginip, Mga tao'y humihiyaw, puno ng takot, mga nanginiginig; Dambuhalang alon sa kanila'y lumamon ...

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soul_language08 40 F
38  Articles
Love Of My Life (A Poem by Linda Lee Elrod)   1/2/2005

When I met you, I had no idea how much my life was about to be changed... A love like ours happens once in a lifetime. <br> You were a miracle to me, the one who was everything I had ever dreamed of, the one I thought existed only in my imagination. <br> And when you came into my life, I realized that what I had always thought was happiness couldn’t compare ...

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TO SALLIE...   12/29/2004

It has been nice knowing a person like you especially in a virtual world like this. We have formed a mutual admiration club for our creative works. We have formed a friendship which has stood the test of time. I have not known a person so true and open with her feelings, who doesnt give a care to what people say and who loves too much at all costs. I never regret reading ...

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TO GINA....   12/29/2004

Friend, we have known each other for quite sometime, I know we havent stayed in touch regularly as before. But I just want you to know that everytime you are sad and gloomy, I felt guilty for not being there to comfort you. This year had been a trying one for you, and I can witness the pain and desolation felt by you. If only I can be there always by your ...

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DEAR HEART...   12/29/2004

Dear Heart You know I will always be beside you no matter what happens we have come a long way and I have never loved a man as much as I love you. You bring thousand and one changes in my life. I have matured and mellowed I have been selfless but most of all I now know the meaning of the word SACRIFICE. Honey, you are one of the best things that had happened in my ...

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eastbaypete 46 M
3  Articles
The Dreamer   12/28/2004

It was a long business trip. Two weeks working on a project that came to a successful conclusion. It was dark and chilly in Chicago. So cold that, the weather is delaying everything. The airport is crowded with stranded passengers. Children are running around and weary moms and dads trying to pacify them. Some stranded business people working on their laptops. Others were on the phone ...

4 Comments, 170 Views, 19 Votes ,4.31 Score

We have come a long way, my dear, that I just cant imagine what other things are in store for us this coming year. <br> God has a purpose why He gave me this kind of challenge; the challenge of loving you. <br> There are lots of times that I try to question Him especially if I am having a hard time understanding him. <br> But then, God opened my ...

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this coming year...   12/25/2004

No definite plans, no resolutions, no illusions, for this coming New Year. I have been through a lot this year, and I dont want to expect anything for 2005. I just want to be more realistic this time, that I will be stronger to accept things. This year has been a trying one for me. I was besetted with endless problems in all aspects. There are times I ask myself ...

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I admire...   12/22/2004

Day by day, we try to discover more about each other. I admire your courage in facing your struggles in life. I admire your humility in trying to live simply as you can be, I admire your resiliency in accepting all the harsh realites in life. I admire your depth in analyzing the real essence of what life is. I cannot write all the words here to describe the intensity of my ...

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di ko rin alam...   12/14/2004

Di ko rin alam kung bakit nga ba bigla tayong pinagtagpo, may dahilan man o wala ay sadyang nagpapasalamat ako ng lubos dahil nagkaroon ng pagkakataon na makakilala ako ng isang tao na tulad mo. <br> Malalim na rin ang ating pagmamahalan, wala na ngang sikreto ang nakaharang, nagiging totoo lamang tayo sa ating mga sarili sana nga tuloy-tuloy lamang ang ...

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someday...   12/14/2004

Someday, I might find the right words to say what I really feel inside. I just want you to know that you are one of the best things that had happened in my life. Never thought that I could love and trust again. Then I met you, one lost soul like me, but not scared to try to fight the battles in life. You taught me to be more courageous in everything I do. For that I ...

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after the storm...   12/11/2004

After every storm in life, we expect sunshine pouring in; an eternal optimist at heart is what each of us yearn to be. <br> As we mature with age, we dreamt of aging in wisdom but lots of times we fail, to content ourselves with our lot. <br> As we try to manipulate and hurt others, we are just human beings after all; imperfect, fallible and weak. <br> ...

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one good man...   12/11/2004

You are one good man whom I will always love till the end of time. You showed me the beauty of life that I was blinded to for a long, long time. You taught me to trust again, this time with my whole heart and soul. I was never prepared for this kind of emotion, but then God must have a reason why our paths meet. <br> I dont know what tomorrow will bring, or ...

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after the dark past...   12/11/2004

After the failed marriage, thought I can never move on with my life, thought it was the end to my dreams and aspirations. <br> There were lots of things that I found it hard to accept but then sometimes God has his way of making you forgive the person who caused you so much pain. <br> Now, here I am filled with optimism that things should change from ...

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eastbaypete 46 M
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Vision of First Contact   12/6/2004

This is a tale of a long awaited reunion between to long distance lovers. It has highly anticipated meeting for months among the two. The thousands of miles separating the two has been incredibility tough on the young lovers. <br> It is a dark early dark morning in Hawaii. The bright blue moon is dropping off the horizon. The twin moons reflecting off the dark ocean and in the ...

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with each passing day....   12/4/2004

With each passing day, I learn a new thing about you. Sometimes it makes me happy and sometimes it makes me sad. But at least you try to be open about it no matter how much it will hurt me. We are struggling to make this relationship work. We have that friendship which makes it stronger. I know I can trust you with my life. I know you will always be there beside me no ...

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your acceptance...   12/1/2004

All my life I have waited for a man who can understand the real me. Ours had been one crazy story to start with. Just two friends trying to find our own niches in this confusing world. I used to joke about it a lot, that maybe we are too old to be suffering from identity crises. Thus begun the series of endless chats and laughters.. we drink a lot, we smoke a lot, and ...

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YOU...   12/1/2004

You make me laugh anytime of the day. Just one text full of witty remarks or sometimes cynical phrases makes my day. You bring the best in me You restored my faith in people You showered me with love more than I can ever imagine. I am happy with you, because you are being you. No pretensions, no hang-ups, no inhibitions. There are moments when I cant even utter a ...

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with my love....   11/24/2004

Day by day I am knowing the real you. The man with depth and substance. So rare to see in other guys i have loved in the past. <br> I know right now, you are in the midst of endless troubles and pains. to the extent of trying to quit. <br> Let me hold your hand and console you the best I can Let me love you more and help you understand the pains you ...

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Pagmamahal natin...   11/24/2004

Alam kong maraming gumugulo sa iyong isipan. Ayaw ko nang maging karagdagan pa sa mga hinaing mo sa buhay. <br> Ang lakas mo ay lakas ko rin. Marami na rin namang unos ang dumating sa buhay natin nang magpasiya tayong ilantad ang pagmamahal natin sa isat isa. <br> Nagsisimula na tayo sa ating adhikain na sana nga ay maging simple na lamang ang lahat ...

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OF LOVING YOU...   11/16/2004

We have this one of a kind relationship. There will always be a mystery to unravel. Never I met a very sensitive man like you. There will always be the challenge to know the real you. It has been a joy of knowing you more, of trying to understand you, of reaching out and most of all of loving you. <br> 11/16/04

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Those long talks, sometimes meaningful sometimes meaningless conversations. Lots of crazy antics, Two lunatics playing a game. Testing the waters of Life and Love, what a pair we are. Those sweet kisses, endless hugs and snuggles warmth of words and raw emotions displayed; let us continue to explore this different world; a world only few can grasp and understand. But ...

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A story can be told, there was once a CYNIC who met a DREAMER, what a pair they really are. Meeting of the minds as they say, others remarked, "What happened?" Two different and unique people were attracted to each other, eventually became the best of friends. Only few managed to understand the relationship that had emerged. Subjected to lots of whispers and raised eyebrows. ...

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WE HAVE EACH OTHER...   11/16/2004

You lift my spirits up more than you can ever imagine. There are times I feel I am drowning in a pool of tumults and upheavals, yet you managed to be my anchor You became my lifesaver as I try to face LIFE once again. How many times have we misunderstood one another, all those snits and petty quarrels. We have been too candid with our emotions We have been frank with our ...

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heaven...   11/13/2004

If only I can describe this feeling I have for you, I can say it is HEAVEN. I have found a true friend in you. You bring out the best in me, that is one of the reasons why I adore you so. You bring hope to my gloomy days with your jokes and cynic remarks. I have never met a man like you who knows how to treat his woman right. It is a wonderful feeling that we can be both ...

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