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Music Lovers Lane
♪♫ ♪ ♫ ♥ Well .. where shall we begin… Music Lovers Lane is exactly that… Music touches all hearts... big heart, small heart, foolish heart, banana heart.. ngekkk… but most of all Music soothes and mends broken hearts... its an elixir of sorts. Music universal and inclusive yet unique and very personal. It is a window to deepest passions and desires. It touches our souls in many different ways and connects us with the rest.

Personally. Music is Love. I dare say it is almost a spiritual experience. I don’t know how else to explain it but i guess it is the basis for which this group is created.

So, without further ado.. welcome to our group… it’s free format.. share your favorite song, a love song perhaps that has a special place in your heart…Pwede rin mag dedicate.. hehe. Or have you flirted with the thought of writing your own? Share that treasure with us. If you love music, we’re sure you’ve had that longing to express yourself. Post lyrics that sends you swooning.. we wanna hear.. or even gossip on who’s dating who and who got pregnant.. (lol.. just kidding). Post ideas, opinions, or maybe your favorite hang out.. Music clubs... Dance Clubs.. share the wealth.. All of the above are welcome.

Peace and Love ♥

Topic(s): Dance/Music Clubs

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MUSICLOVERS LANE this august....HOW ABOUT RE-SKED NATIN SA JANUARY 15...musiclover0526544  26  11/19/2007
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Are you a Meantime Girl? Tell us about it.AMBERMAY27441  43  11/28/2006
I Wanna Grow Old With You...bellephoenix206  17  11/21/2006
Music to get you in the mood for loveayechinito914  84  11/21/2006
"lets party "coolwater73403  36  11/21/2006
LETS LAUGH!AMBERMAY27405  46  11/21/2006
SONGSkikay_25562  0  10/1/2006
Beyonceayechinito671  61  8/15/2006
Music Jokeskikay_25416  0  7/29/2006
Come here... KUWENTUHAN TAYOsunshine8787  59  4/22/2006
If you were a song,what will you be?bellephoenix82  7  4/22/2006
what musical instruments do you play?ayechinito135  4  4/8/2006
ill never get over you, gettin over me....kikay_251044  0  4/8/2006
maroonblot meets musiclovermaroonblot107  8  3/29/2006
Me MOra BLe So Ng S.........icebeth327  23  3/29/2006
" WHAT CAN I DO? " ( The Corrs )bellephoenix26  1  3/20/2006
guyzzzzzzz ned help pow...help me naman hehehe_d_O_h_h_N_n_A_22  1  3/17/2006
The Beatle`s...takemyload94  1  3/17/2006
ALICIA KEYS...forever!bellephoenix18  1  3/16/2006
new members helloayechinito16  0  2/19/2006
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!2sexy4u1434417  0  12/31/2005
MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!2sexy4u1434410  0  12/23/2005
Rivermaya....BambooDgita90479  0  11/21/2005
Hello everyone..takemyload19  0  11/13/2005
Lyrical Gameicebeth90  9  9/11/2005
ROGER..THE CELEBRANT..sunshine8169  20  9/9/2005
how do you define ""TRUE LOVE"""ILLUzi0n79  3  8/26/2005[View All]

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