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Love advice, relationship advice, this is the topic for you.

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When Men & Women LOVE for REAL708 
dear blank40 165 
Long Distance Relationship
Learning Tagaloooo
What man Thinks?
Facial Hair

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Thoughts to shareWhen Men & Women LOVE for REAL71  0  5/5/2011
Real Man... Real Woman... Real True LoveWhen Men & Women LOVE for REAL30  0  5/5/2011
The IFs questions...When Men & Women LOVE for REAL4  0  5/5/2011
All About You Family AutographWhen Men & Women LOVE for REAL11  0  5/5/2011
Husband and Wife MaterialWhen Men & Women LOVE for REAL326  0  5/5/2011
Have you dated outside your race?When Men & Women LOVE for REAL5  0  5/5/2011
Hopelessly RomanticWhen Men & Women LOVE for REAL4  0  5/5/2011
Do you believe in divorce or until death do us part?When Men & Women LOVE for REAL9  0  5/5/2011
5 Things to give you JOYWhen Men & Women LOVE for REAL132  0  5/5/2011
A WOMAN...When Men & Women LOVE for REAL23  0  5/5/2011
When Men and Women LOVE for REAL FamilyWhen Men & Women LOVE for REAL215  0  5/5/2011
GREETINGS....1978jeff520  9  11/22/2010
hi"BAYAN KONG PILIPINAS"0  0  2/1/2009
hey ladys"BAYAN KONG PILIPINAS"0  0  2/1/2009
GOD1978jeff15  1  9/4/2008
♥♥♥*ONE*WORD*IN*EVERY*POST*♥♥♥1978jeff580  19  8/30/2008
FIND THE ONE...1978jeff92  13  8/28/2008
Friendship is...1978jeff114  6  8/28/2008
hai...am i welcome here?1978jeff65  10  8/28/2008
"HOW TO LET GO OF SOMEONE YOU LOVE"?1978jeff207  3  8/28/2008
Hello to Everyone:-h1978jeff39  1  8/27/2008
OPEN DIARY...1978jeff339  12  8/27/2008
WHATTA FRIEND IN ME?1978jeff85  13  8/26/2008
Unique Members Jewelry !!!1978jeff752  3  8/24/2008
A Night To Remember...August 16,20081978jeff416  3  8/20/2008
THE PARTY IS OVER....1978jeff281  3  8/15/2008
Dear Mr Moderator1978jeff78  0  8/9/2008
♥♥♥:*THANK YOU MR. MODERATOR*♥♥♥1978jeff240  0  8/8/2008
may i come in??1978jeff147  0  8/8/2008
SPECIAL TRIBUTE TO...1978jeff96  0  8/7/2008[View All]

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