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A Pen In Hand

Yes, I was a chef before now no more :))
Posted:Feb 12, 2017 12:35 am
Last Updated:Feb 12, 2017 12:40 am

It is true, our inclination changes also not only the lifestyle and the decision we choose.

I'm Sure You Know Who You Are
Posted:Feb 12, 2017 12:02 am
Last Updated:Feb 12, 2017 3:26 am

Dear Someone,

Hi there. I do hope you're in the best of health and even though loveless are still happy and satisfied with the way you deal with life nowadays.

Do I need to introduce myself again or you just have to figure out who I really am? You see, I wanted to be your friend for a very long time already yet we never had the chance to be one because of the myriad circumstances which hindered us both to do so especially on my side .

Before I could spring with or pave the way my acquaintanceship so you could know me better, I was painted already as a good-for-nothing flirt, with lowlife, not credible and could not be trusted.

It sprang out when I never gave into an older woman's request of knowing more about her then boyfriend by personally visiting him and who lived many miles away from where I was residing. The guy was in Vancouver at that time and I was having a troubled marriage and for keeping job/s so I could raise my child the best I could. I got no financial assistance from my ex nor emotional support from my parents and siblings whose main priority was to take advantage of my finances. My mom and dad were able to babysit while I worked full time paying them more than what the Child Care Centre charged. I then upgraded my Education so I could apply for a more demanding position with high pay.

I also sensed that if I put my friendship forward during those moments, you would lose your interest because of what you heard, what you listened, what you read against me . That said person never apologized nor asked forgiveness for ruining with my online relationships and hurting the special damsel I ever admired, her name is "Vivian." Just because she is married with three children, she has no right to be delighted with what life and its journey could offer. The pain she inflicted with Vivian was so damaging that the maiden I adored walked out of this site and severed her ties with me which up to now give us the goosebumps missing each other a whole lot .

I know I don't have to illustrate nor paraphrase the past to gain your comradeship. I just need to clarify, to disclose how I dreamed of you becoming familiar with me or in short how we become friends after all that took place.

I note every blog you post, I feel your pain in my heart wishing you can lean on my shoulder or rely on me when strife and any kind of injury bump you of nowhere. My son and your teen are of the same age actually, and both are smart and good looking like us .

Let me thank you so much for restoring the blog sphere which is the most loved and the most favorite part of the members of this site. "Merci beaucoup" for reactivating the world of blog, for your strong desire to alleviate the boredom and sadness by many by reading this space. We truly appreciate your effort . I miss creative and expository writing too (I do occasional blogging on my own personal website as well as on F.

Our respective web journal will prolong, will always be here as long as there is somebody like you who are full of passion, humility, and love for mankind. I salute you , dear someone .


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